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“Would you be able to list ten abbreviations in Spanish language that never meet in a chat and ten if?”. The challenge threw me a Spanish student and I found it interesting, because if he ask me in other idiom I have a “juju”.

Here, I leave you they. The first ten are standard abbreviations, academically speaking. Today relegated to cult language and some downright obsolete. The others ten, they follows two own criteria: I have seen written and I know with ease.

Abbreviations that you not find easily in a chat

1.- q.b.s.m. = que besa su mano (kissing his hand)
2.-q.b.s.p. = que besa sus pies (kissing his feet)
3.- q.D.g = que Dios guarde (Good save).
4.- q.e.g.e. = que en gloria esté (glory be).
5.- s.e.u.o. = salvo error u omisión (errors and omissions excepted).
6.- s.s. = seguro servidor (secure server).
7.- V.O. = versión original (original version).
8.-V.O.S.= versión original subtitulada (original version subtitles).
9.- s.c.= su casa.(your home)
10.- P.S.= Después de lo escrito (post escriptum) (after the wrinting -post escriptum).

Abbreviations that you’ll find in a chat.

1.- dnd = dónde (where?).
2.- k = que (what)
3.- xq/xk = porque (because).
4.- asias/gcias = gracias (thank you).
5.- mñtvo = mañana te veo (see you tomorrow)
6.- anyone = cualquiera.
7.- OK = de acuerdo.
8.- wnas = buenas (good, well)
9.- mxo = mucho.(a lot, much, more)
10.- xfa = por favor(please)

Abbreviation is a graphical representation of the word. So, P.S. anyone can invent their own abbreviations. But, If the traditional abbreviation is due to criteria which marks the Academy, there is not codes in the networks. Everyone in s.c. does what he considers more timely and effective. The only general criterion is that others understand what is being said. And when they have difficulties,with the normal language always is posible to understood, k is of what k is.

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