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10 phrases with subjunctive to express those negative desires that you should avoid

The subjunctive is the right way to express subjective content, such as desires, hypotheses, conjectures, appraisals, etc. What you surely don’t know is that with the present simple of the subjunctive mode we can also express desires with a nuance that indicates a certain degree of contempt for the person we are talking to.

These constructions are little used and are similar to those of ojalá + present simple of subjunctive, but the difference is that with the adverb ojalá we can express positive desires (Ojalá no llueva mañana, que quiero ir al campo),  whereas with the adverb así, it is always about negative desires and they tend to have an exclamation form (¡Así te mates!).

This value is given especially in native Spanish speakers or advanced level students, you can find it in the classical authors or in the informal language, so, if you want to brag to your friends about how much you know of Spanish, learn how to use it with the 10 examples we offer below.


– Mamá, voy a dar una vuelta con la moto. (Mom, I’m going to take a ride with the motorbike)
– ¡Así te mates! (I wish you kill yourself!).

– Ya no te quiero. (I don’t love you anymore).
– ¡Así te quedes solo! (I wish you stay alone!).

– Juan le ha contado a la profesora que no hiciste hoy los deberes. (Juan has told the teacher that you didn’t the homework today).
– ¡Así se caiga por las escaleras! (I wish he fall down the stairs!).

– No te dejo mi tablet. (I don’t lend you my tablet). 
– ¡Así se te rompa! (I wish it breaks!).

– Ha escapado un asesino de la cárcel. (A murderer has scaped from prison). 
– ¡Así lo atrapen hoy mismo! (I wish they catch him today!).

– El de rojo está haciendo trampas. (The boy of red is cheating). 
– ¡Así lo pillen y pierda! (I wish he gets caught and loses!).

– No me gusta cómo te ha quedado el arroz. (I don’t like the way your rice has been cooked).
– ¡Así te atragantes! (I wish you choke!).

– Han dejado un comentario negativo en tu publicación. (They have left a negative comment in your post). 
– ¡Así se pudran! (I wish they rot!).

– Yo he sacado un 9 en el último examen y tú solo un 5. (I got a 9 in the last exam and you just got a 5).
– ¡Así suspendas el próximo! (I wish you fail the next!).

– A tu hermano le gusta conducir a mucha velocidad. (Your brother likes to drive very fast).
– ¡Así se parta la cabeza! (I wish he split his head!).


María Eugenia Boccanera/Practica Español


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