Practice subjunctive tense with these easy examples.
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11 essential phrases with the subjunctive tense for the day before the Christmas draw

In the days before and especially the day before the Christmas raffle held in Spain every December 22, the classic greetings of ‘hola’, ‘adiós’ or ‘hasta luego’ that say Spaniards in the street, they said other phrases added like “¡suerte, mañana!” or “¡a ver si salimos de pobres!” In this post, we have prepared another 11 expressions for you to practice the subjunctive tense which is the verbal mode that we also use to express wishes and in this particular case good wishes…



¡Ojalá nos caiga un buen premio!

(I hope we get a good prize!)

¡Que haya suerte, mañana!

(Good luck tomorrow!)

¡Que los niños de San Ildefonso repartan suerte!

(Let’s hope children of San Ildefonso share luck!)

¡Que te toque la lotería mañana!

(I hope you win the lottery tomorrow!)

¿Queréis que compremos aquí el número de la suerte?

(Do you want we buy the lucky number here?)

Confiemos en que todos tengamos suerte.

(Let’s hope we all get lucky)

Esperemos ser agraciados con un buen premio.

(We hope to be awarded a good prize)

Espero que la suerte nos cambie la vida.

(I hope that luck changes our lives)

Espero que nos toque el Gordo.

(I hope that we won the first prize)

Puede que ellos se conformen con una pedrea, pero yo no.

(They may settle for a small prize, but not me)

San Pancracio te suerte mañana.

(Saint Pancracio give you luck tomorrow)


If you remember, we write a post with the subjunctive to express wishes ( that you should review.

I also remember another of our posts with 100 phrases in Spanish to express wishes, encourage or show appreciation(

And with all this, if you have not bought a lottery ticket you can still do it and wish you a good draw!

Pía Valls/PracticaEspañol

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