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11 phrases with the subjunctive expression “no vaya a ser que”

If you learn to speak with “it not be than…” you will be a really master of the Spanish language! It is a very common expression among European Spaniards and others places with Spanish language. We say: “Abrígate, do not go to have cold; eat slowly, do not go to be choking, walk faster, lest we arrive late.” If you search this expression in the Internet it will also tell you that it is the title of a song by Spanish singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán. And so it is, but in addition to being an expression of warning that follows to one order for something not to happen is also the expression “no sea que”. With the verb to go and with the verb to be we warn of something can happen and we do it with the verb to go plus the preposition to and in the present subjunctive. You will have to learn it if you do not want to do the talking when you never hear a Spaniard saying, “Abrígate, no va a ser que pases frío; come despacio, no va a ser que te atragantes; camina más rápido, no va a ser que lleguemos tarde” and ” pon el árbol de Navidad no va a ser que Santa Claus no viene”.



Ten cuidado, no vaya a ser que te roben.

( Be careful, lest they rob you.)

Es mejor que lo guardes, no vaya a ser que un día lo necesites.

(It is better that you keep it, lest one day you need it.)

Escucha atentamente, no vaya a ser que luego te pregunten.

(Listen carefully, lest they inquire you later.)

No te metas en el problema, no vaya a ser que salgas perdiendo.

(Don’t get involved in the problem, lest you lost out.)

Espera cinco minutos, no vaya a ser que seas la primera.

(Wait five minutes, lest you be the first.)

No bebas tanta agua, no vaya a ser que te ahogues.

(Do not drink so much water, lest you drown.)

Habla con todo el mundo, no vaya a ser que te arrepientas.

(Talk to everyone, lest you regret it.)

Cuida las formas, no vaya a ser que te descalifiquen.

(Take care of the manners, lest you be discredited.)

Investiga a fondo ese tema, no vaya a ser que te cree problemas.

(Investigate this topic thoroughly, lest you create problems.)

Aprende a dar conversación, no vaya a ser que te ignoren.

(Learn to give conversation, lest they ignore you.)

Pon el árbol de Navidad, no vaya a ser que no venga Papá Nöel.

(Put the Christmas tree,  it’s not going to be that Santa Claus does not come.)


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