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12 sentences to differentiate the past tense of the subjunctive of the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘ir’

This time we are going to do an understanding exercise with 12 examples of sentences with the imperfect subjunctive of the verbs ‘ser’ (to be)  and ‘ir’ (to go), as you will have learned the form of this time and its persons is the same in both verbs. The advantage is that by learning one you will learn both.


Remember that it is conjugated in this manner: fuera/ fuese, fueras/ fueses, fuera/fuese, fuéramos/ fuésemos, fuerais / fueseis, fueran/fuesen

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Si fuera cierto eso…

(If that were true…)

Fuera o no fuera verdad.

(It was true or not.)

Si yo fuera él…

(If I were him…)

Más allá de  que fuéramos los dueños…

(Beyond the fact that we were the owners …)

Ojalá fuerais elegidos diputados.

(I wish you were elected deputies.)

Ojalá fueran amigos nuestros.

(I wish they were our friends.)



Le propuse que no fuera al hospital.

(I suggested that he not go to the hospital.)

No quería que os fuerais de allí.

(I did not want you to leave there.)

Le invité a que fuera al carnaval.

(I invited him to go to the carnival.)

Quise que fuéramos despacio.

(I wanted we went slowly.)

Se les recomendó que fueran en tren.

(They were recommended they went by train.)

Se te avisó de que fueras en metro.

(You were warned you should go by subway.)

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