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13 expressions for a real Tuesday and thirteen

Says the popular Spanish proverb that “en martes y trece ni te cases ni te embarques” (13th Friday for Anglo-Saxons) and so you can avoid the bad luck that augurs superstition. Giving or bringing bad luck in Spanish is translated by the colloquial verb ‘gafar’ ‘to jinx’, in English. And ‘ser gaf’ is someone who attracts bad luck, which is also known as ‘ser un cenizo’ or ‘ser un aguafiestas’. In this post, you will find 13 usual expressions when you have bad luck and one MP3 so you can listen to them and practice with them:


Listen MP3:


¡No se puede ser más aguafiestas!

(You can not be more killjoy!)

¡Hoy todo me sale al revés!

(Today, everything went wrong for me!)

¡No doy pie con bola!

(I get everything wrong!)

¡No doy ni una!

(I get everything wrong!)

¡Vaya por Dios!


¡Vaya hombre, lo que me faltaba!

(Oh dear, that’s the last straw!)

¡Parece que me ha mirado un tuerto!

(It looks like someone jinxed me!)

¿Se puede ser más gafe?

(Can you be so jinxed?)

¡Qué mala suerte la mía!

(How unlucky!)

¡Qué mala estrella tengo hoy!

(What bad luck I have today!)

Todo lo que toco lo estropeo.

(I break everything I touch.)

Alguien me ha echado mal de ojo.

(Someone jinxed me.)

¡Qué mala pata!

(I’m really unlucky!)

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