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I was so funny when you said that you liked a post titled “diez cosas que tal cual no sabías sobre los Sanfermines” (ten things that just as you do not about the Sanfermines) that I did not tell you anything, but I wrote it down to comment from this rostrum. I liked the freshness that the locution ‘tal cual‘ (as is) brought the headline because it is common to find on the Internet many similar headlines with ‘tal vez’ (maybe) (diez cosas que tal vez no sabías sobre los Sanfermines- ten things maybe you do not know about Sanfermines.) ‘Tal vez’ (maybe) is an adverbial locution that introduces the concept of probability or possibility as synonymous with ‘quizá’ (maybe/perhaps) (tal vez sí o tal vez no- maybe yes or maybe not); and ‘tal cual’ (as) is another adverbial locution, synonymous with ‘así’ (like this), which introduces us to the concept of similarity. So that ‘tal vez’ and ‘tal cual’ are not ‘tal para cual’ (such for which) an expression that also denotes similarity, but different. In this post I leave you 14 sentences – 7 with ‘tal vez’ and 7 with ‘tal cual’ – so you can continue training and an MP3 to help you with listening comprehension:

Tal vez- maybe

Tal vez no te vi. – Maybe I did not see you.
Tal vez alguien quiere lo mismo que tú. – Maybe someone wants the same thing as you.
¡Tal vez sí, o tal vez no! – Maybe yes, or maybe not!
Tengo dos abrigos que tal vez te gusten. – I have two coats that maybe you like them.
He terminado el libro y tal vez lo publique. – I have finished the book and maybe I publish it.
Aunque tal vez es más frecuente ir en coche. – Although maybe it is more frequent to go by car. 

Tal cual(*)- as

Te acepto tal cual eres. – I accept you as you are.
Así, tal cual te lo cuento. – So, just as I tell you.
¿Lo aplico tal cual? – Do I apply it as is?
Difunde la noticia tal cual está redactada. – Spread the news as  it is written.
¿Se muestra tal cual? – Is it shown as it is?
Actuaron tal cual y no pasó nada. – They acted as they used to do and nothing happened.
La vida no es tal cual. – Life is not as it is.


Pía Valls/Practicaespañol

(*) Traducción literal de las frases al inglés.

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