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14 ways to give orders in subjunctive that borders on rudeness

You are accustomed to give orders in Spanish with the imperative mode, but you can also give orders with the subjunctive mode in simple sentences. You just have to use the particle que + the present of subjunctive: ¡Que te calles!

However, you should know that when we use this construction in Spanish, we do it to give much more force or authority to the order, intensifying it. 

These are independent sentences that we use when we give an order in a repeat manner and they ignore it, so we raise the force so that the receiver finally does what we want; In addition, they tend to have an exclamation point.

While the subjunctive mode is sometimes used to provide courtesy to the discourse, softening the claims, in this construction the opposite occurs, it’s a blunt and direct order, which can imply negative nuances in the emitter, such as anger, and the receiver can receive it as a rude expression.

It is often used with temporary adverbs ya or ahora to emphasize the urgency of the order.

You can analyze this use of the subjunctive in the following examples. We also include the corresponding form in the imperative mode to understand the difference:



 ¡Que os calléis! / Callaos (Shut up!)

¡Que me hagas caso! Hazme caso (Pay attention to me!)

 ¡Que te lo comas todo! / Cómetelo todo (Eat it all!)

 ¡Que te duermas ya! / Duérmete ya (Go to sleep now!)

¡Que te sientes! / Siéntate (Sit down!)

¡Que hagas los deberes! / Haz los deberes (Do your homework!)

¡Que corráis! / Corred (Run!)

¡Que lo termines ya! / Termínalo ya (Finish it now!)

¡Que te vistas rápido! / Vístete rápido (Get dressed quickly!)

¡Que te levantes de una vez! / Levántate de una vez (Get up!)

¡Que cierres el pico! / Cierra el pico (Shut up!)

 ¡Que lo limpies ahora mismo! / Limpia eso ahora mismo (Clean that right now!)

 ¡Que lo recojas todo! / Recógelo todo (Tidy up everything!)

 ¡Que me contestes! / Contéstame (Answer me!)


María Eugenia Boccanera / Practica Español


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