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15 sentences for dreaming using the verb ‘gustar’

In Spanish, we use verb ‘gustar’ to express actions related to the senses, preferences, desires or interests and ambitions. It is the verb that you should conjugate whether you like a food or a person. But, attention!, ‘gustar’ is also a verb to dream when we desire things. Therefore, to work with this post let yourself be carried away by the desires, wishes, fantasies, illusions or ambitions expressed in these 15 sentences and the MP3 added:

As we are going to daydream, we are going to use the verb to like in conditional, simple, and instead of other verbs like ‘to wish’, ‘to want’ or ‘to seek’.

Remember that we use verb ‘gustar’ accompanied by a pronoun (me, te, se, lo, la, we, us, os, las, les, las) and when we introduce the sentence with the preposition ‘a’, it needs ‘mí’, ‘ti’, ‘él’, ‘ella’, ‘ello’, ‘nosotros’, ‘vosotros’, ‘ellos’ and ‘ellas’.

Listen MP3:


The 15 sentences to dream using the verb ‘gustar’:

¿A ti te gustaría ser premio Nobel? 

(Would you like to be a Nobel Prize winner?)

Me gustaría volar como un pájaro.

(I would like to fly like a bird.)

Te gustaría ser famoso, ¿verdad?

(You  would  like to be famous, isn’t it?)

Nos gustaría acabar con la guerra.

(We would like to put an end to war.)

Le gustaría poder decir que ha ganado una Champions League.

(He would like to be able to say he has won a Champions League.)

¿Os gustaría ser muy ricos?

(Would you like to be very rich?)

Me gustaría ser campeona olímpica.

(I would like to be Olympic champion.)

¿Te gustaría viajar al futuro?

(Would you like to travel into the future?)

Me gustaría trabajar siempre en casa.

(I would always like to work at home.)

Me gustaría ser mi propio jefe.

(I would like to be my own boss.)

Me gustaría  ser siempre como un niño.

(I would always like to be as a child.)

La  gustaría ser alta y delgada.

(She would like to be tall and thin.)

Le gustaría ser piloto de carreras.

(He would like to be a racing driver.)

Nos gustaría viajar a la Luna.

(We would like to travel to the Moon.)

Les gustaría hablar en cualquier idioma.

(They would like to speak in any language.)

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