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15 sentences with ‘fuera’ as subjunctive tense and adverb

In Spanish, the word ‘fuera’ can be the first and third person of the past imperfect subjunctive of the verbs ‘ser’ (to be) and ‘ir’ (to go) and, in addition, an adverb that indicates place or position. Here, you will find 15 examples to distinguish when you are in front of a verb in subjunctive and when, an adverb, if it does not clarify the context. We add the corresponding MP3 because we think the understanding of the Spanish language is as important as its verbalization and intonation.


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Si yo fuera él.

(If I were him)

Si yo fuera con él.

(If I went with him)

Si él o yo estuviéramos fuera.

(If he or I was out.)


Si él fuera español.

(If he was Spanish)

Si él fuera a España.

(If he went to Spain)

Si él quisiera estar unos días fuera de España.

(If he wanted to be outside of Spain for a few days.)


Si él fuera cocinero, haría la comida.

(If he were a chef, he would make the meals.)

Si él fuera a cocinar mañana, yo descansaría.

(If he was to cook tomorrow, I would rest.)

Si el cocinase fuera de casa, nunca olería a comida.

(If he cooked outside the house, he would never smell food.)


Si yo fuera rubia.

(If I were blonde.)

Si yo fuera de paseo con esa rubia.

(If I went for a ride with that blonde woman.)

Si yo y la rubia estuviéramos fuera de aquí.

(If I and the blonde woman were outside.)


Si yo fuera el profesor de la clase.

(If I were the teacher of the class.)

Si yo fuera con el profesor a clase.

(If I went with the teacher to class.)

Si yo y el profesor estuviéramos fuera de la clase.

(If I and the teacher were out of class.)


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