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Barcelona / The political situation in Catalonia causes the daily withdrawal of some 150 companies with headquarters in this community, such as Codorníu, the oldest family company in Spain and 17 in the world, which has also announced the transfer of its corporate headquarters to Haro (La Rioja).

The dean of the Catalan Registrar’s College, Luis Suárez, explained to EFE that the relocation of headquarters outside the Catalan Community began to pick up a high pace starting on October 7, after Banco Sabadell and Caixabank approved the change of its registered office.

The exodus of companies began little by little following the referendum suspended by the Constitutional Assembly on October 1 (1-O), increased on October 7 and has taken a rhythm of “about 150 companies a day” since on Tuesday 10 October, when the plenary session in which the President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, suspended a unilateral declaration of independence.

Until last Thursday, there were already 581 firms with headquarters in Catalonia that had left the community, according to Suárez and the number increases every day.

“First, the big financial entities left, then the energy companies and the most emblematic, and now it is already the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that move their decision centrers”, said Suárez.

For his part, Freixenet will decide later this month if it will continue in Catalonia, and the president of the company and president of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, José Luis Bonet, has asked the Catalan leaders to continue in the positive cycle of economy and do not disturb it.

Other companies, such as automobile manufacturer Seat, closely follow political developments in Catalonia and have made no decision on the moves they could make to a declaration of independence.

CaixaBank, Gas Natural Fenosa, Banco Sabadell, Agbar, Colonial, MRW, Cellnex, Criteria, Lleida.net, Banco Mediolanum, Service Point, GVC Gaesco or Catalana Occidente are among companies that have communicated the transfer of their corporate headquarters in recent days. (October 17, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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Según el texto...
las decisiones que han tomado unas empresas no están influidas por lo que está pasando en Cataluña.
lo que está ocurriendo en Cataluña está favoreciendo la inversión empresarial en esta región.
lo que está ocurriendo en Cataluña está influyendo en las decisiones de unas empresas.
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En la noticia se dice que...
esas empresas cambiarán su sede social a otras ciudades españolas.
solo las grandes empresas cambiarán su sede social a otras comunidades autónomas.
todas las empresas están interesadas en tener su sede social en Cataluña.
Question 3
El hecho de que se quiera declarar la independencia en Cataluña...
está evitando que las empresas abandonen sus sedes sociales en esta región.
está causando la salida de cientos de empresas de esta región española.
está causando que cada vez haya más empresas que inviertan en esta región.
Question 4
Las primeras empresas que anunciaron el cambio de su sede social...
son del sector bancario.
son del sector alimentario.
son del sector de la construcción.
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Según el texto, también las medianas empresas están abandonando sus sedes sociales en Cataluña.
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