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18 expressions like ‘estar muerto’ (to be dead) that you didn’t know and mean the same thing that ‘caer en desgracia’ (to lose favour) in Spanish

It usually occurs in political, social or professional life. In Ancient Greece, the Greeks called banishment ostracism to which they condemned citizens they considered dangerous for the interests of power. It was applied as a political weapon. The convict was separated from civil life. Experts believe that today has a lot to do with mobbing. Although we hope you never have to go through something like this, in this post, we have collected 18 synonymous phrases in Spanish of ‘caer en desgracia’ (to lose favour):



perder el favor –  to lose the favour 

ser un apestado  –  to be a pariah 

ser o estar apartadoto be isolated / banned / removed

ser invisible to be invisible

ser ignorado  –  to be ignored

ser un muerto viviente  – to be a living dead

estar en el limbo –  to be in limbo to be out of the loop

estar en la lista negra  –   to be blacklisted

estar marginado  –   to be marginalized

estar en el congelador  –   to be in the freezer 

estar muerto  –  to be dead

estar amortizado –   to be amortised

estar en el banquillo –  to be on the bench

estar en el destierro  –  to be in exile

ser desterrado  –  to be exiled / banished

estar en el ostracismo  –  to be in ostracism

estar apartado  – to be apart / removed/ banned

ser persona non grata –  to be a non-pleasant person

pasar a mejor vida –  to pass away, to go to a better place


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