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The death toll for the alleged chemical bombing in Khan Sheikhoun in northern Syria rose to 72 people, including 20 children, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported today.

Among those killed, there are also 17 women, according to the Observatory, which had previously estimated at 58 the number of people killed by the alleged chemical attack in this area that is in an area under rebel control.

NGO warned that in the last few hours there have been at least five new bombings in Khan Sheikhoun, carried out by unidentified warplanes, although there were no casualties recorded at the time.

Both the Damascus government and the opposition have blamed each other for the attack in the town of Idlb, province in northern Syria, a region that is mostly in the hands of rebels and Islamic factions.

According to the Syrian Civil Defense, which provides rescue services in areas beyond the control of government forces, the attack exposed chemicals to about 300 people.

The wounded had symptoms of suffocation, vomiting, spasms and some were foaming at the mouth, according to these sources.

Khan Sheikhoun has about 75,000 inhabitants, many of them displaced from the neighbouring province of Hama, and it is under the control of the Free Syrian Army (ELS), according to data provided to EFE by the director of the opposition Idlb Information Center , Obeida Fadel.

Hours after the alleged chemical attack, warplanes again attacked a medical center in Khan Sheikhoun, which was shut down.

Syrian National Coalition (CNFROS), the main alliance of the opposition, accused government aircraft of attacking Khan Sheikhoun with shells containing sarin gas, but both Damascus and Russia, its main ally, denied bombing the town.

The UN Security Council will meet urgently today to discuss the alleged chemical attack, at the request of France and the United Kingdom.

U.S. government considered the attack as a probable “war crime” and blamed Syrian President Bachar al-Assad’s executive directly.

Cairo, April 5, 2017, EFE/Practica Español

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En el texto se dice que...
Hubo varios ataques aéreos en Siria.
Hubo un ataque en la capital siria.
Hubo varios ataques terrestres en el norte de Siria.
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Según el texto...
Los atacantes han reconocido que utilizaron armas químicas.
Se piensa que los atacantes utilizaron armas químicas.
Los atacantes estuvieron a punto de utilizar armas químicas.
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En el texto se dice que...
Al menos casi cien personas han muerto en ese ataque.
El ataque ha causado cientos de víctimas mortales.
La mayoría de las víctimas mortales son mujeres y niños.
Question 4
Ningún menor edad murió en ese ataque.
No se sabe.
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La localidad atacada...
Está controlada por el presidente de Siria.
Está dominada por los rebeldes.
Está controlada por las personas que apoyan a Bachar al Asad.
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