Learn some expression to flatter in Spanish.
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20 expressions to practice the art of flattery in Spanish

Some of the 20 expressions to flatter or please other people that I have collected in this post are the same or similar to the ones you use in your mother tongue and even then, you should learn them. Human beings are made in such a way that we all like to be told how good, handsome, nice and smart we are… even if it is not true. To flatter is to delight and please, praise, compliment and flatter. Flattery is usually understood as excessive praise that is also ‘hacer la pelota’ or ‘dar coba’. And this is not so good because it is assumed that they are false and interested compliments. In any case, keep in mind that flattery is an art and the flatterer, an artist. Flattering doesn’t hurt and it’s always going well. You can practice the Spanish pronunciation of the 20 expressions chosen, listening to the MP3:



¡Qué bien lo haces!

(You do it very well!)

¡Qué guapo/a eres!

(You’re so handsome!You’re beautiful!)

¡Eres el mejor/la mejor!

(You’re the best!)

¡Eres único/a!

(You are unique!)

¡Muy bien por ti!

(Good for you!)

¡Eres grande!

(You are great!)

¡Eres un maestro/una maestra!

(You are a master!)

¡Me encanta tu camisa!

(I love your shirt!)

¡Me encanta!

(I love!)

¡Me chifla!

(It makes me crazy! / I am nuts about it!)

¡Es fantástico!

(It’s fantastic!)

¡Gran trabajo!

(Great job!)

¡Eres irrepetible!

(You are unrepeatable! / You are one-off!)

¡Eres un genio!

(You are a genious!)

Me quito el sombrero.

(I take my hat off)

¡No se puede ser más guapo/a!

(None can be more handsome / beautiful than you!)

Beso por donde pisas.

(I kiss where you step)

¡Qué mono!

(What cute!)

¡Qué manos tan habilidosas!

(What skillful hands!)

¡Cómo me gusta escucharte!

(How I like to hear you!)


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