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20 phrases to survive in an airport

When you travel to another country you should be clear about your necessities in order to solve any problem you may encounter. Generally, everything begins in the moment you set foot in the airport; that’s why Practice Spanish has selected twenty phrases that will help you to survive in a spanish one. You can download them here: Listado de frases para un aeropuerto Alt= Icono descarga de PDF

Spanish vocabulary in an airport.Alt= Icono descarga de PDF

Some of them may be directed to you by the airport staff, but others you can formulate, mainly for help, asking for information, bookings or make you understand when an unexpected problem arises …

“Me han robado el equipaje” (My baggage has been stolen)

 “Mi vuelo se ha retrasado” (My flight is delayed)

 “¿Puedo llevar medicinas en mi bolso?” (Can I bring medicines in my bag?)

 “Me gustaría reservar un vuelo” (I would like to book a flight), etc.

By going to cross the safety zone before boarding, you will be asked for documentation or your luggage will be inspected. That’s when you will hear phrases like these:

“¿Puedo ver su billete, por favor?”(May I see your ticket, please?)

“¿Me enseña su visado?” (Would you show me your VISA card?)

“¿Me enseña su pasaporte?” (Would you show me your passport?)

Maybe you need to know where you are and how you can move to a hotel. You must bear in mind that you are in a country different from yours, so the treatment should always be respectful:

¿Cómo puedo llegar a la estación de autobús/ metro más cercana?” (How I can get to the nearest bus/ subway station?)

¿Es usted la persona enviada para recogerme?” (Are you the person sent to pick me up?)

¿Podría decirme cómo puedo llegar a mi hotel?” (Could you tell me how I can get to my hotel?)

Sometimes, you will have to change your money for the currency of the country of destination in the airport.

 “¿Dónde puedo hacer el cambio de divisa?” (Where I can do the currency exchange?)

Survive in a spanish airport it’s easier than it seems, because nowadays, specially in the big ones, much information is provided by PA in other languages. However, always will be very helpful to keep some phrases ready for urgent cases.

Por Naiara Salinas/PracticaEspañol

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