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20 words to practice different sounds of the letter c in Spanish

‘Camino’, ‘zebra’ or ‘cinema’ are some of the many words that begin with the letter c in Spanish, but this letter is not always pronounced in the same way. The letter ce (c) is pronounced in two different ways, depending on the vowels accompanying it. Thus, ‘ca’, ‘co’ ‘cu’ have a stronger sound than ‘ce’ and ‘ci’ because the first have a similar sound as the letter k in Spanish. In this post, you will find a list of 20 words accompanied by an MP3 that will help you practice your pronunciation in Spanish as many times as you need.

Listen MP3: 


‘ca’, ‘co’, ‘cu’                    ‘ce’, ‘ci’

camino (way)                 cebra (zebra)

carta (letter)                   cien (one hundred)

casa (house)                   cena (dinner)

coche (car)                      cerveza (beer)

coger (to take)                 cenar (to have dinner)

correr (to run)                  ciencia (science)

cosa (thing)                       cine(cinema)

cuaderno (notebook)       ciudad(city)

cuarenta (forty)                cinco(five)

cuento (story)                   cero (zero)


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