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20 words to practice the sounds of the letters “gui” and “gi” in Spanish

The 20 words that you will hear begin with the letter “g”. But sometimes these sound like the first syllable of “gato” (cat) and “gamo” (gamo) and others, as “jirafa” (giraffe) or “jota” (Spanish dance). Yes… the pronunciation of the letter j in Spanish! Precisely, this post is dedicated to students of Spanish as second language, who have problems with the letter j. It is a very easy exercise to do: listen and repeat as many times as necessary a short list of words, 20 no more. This new MP3 by Practica Español will help you perfect the pronunciation of the sound of “gui” and “gi”. Come on!

Listen the MP3:


“j”                                        “gu”



giga   (gigabyte)               guiso  (dish) 

gigante  ( giant)               guitarra   (guitar)

Gijón   (Gijón)                 guirnalda  (garland)

gimnasia  (gymnastics)    guipuzcoano (from Guipuzcoa)

ginebra  (gin)                    guisante  (pea)

giralda  (weathercock)     guindilla  (chilli)

girar   (to turn)                 guion  (script)

girasol  ( sunflower )       guiñol  (puppet theatre)

gitano  (gipsy)                 guitarrista  (guitarist)



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