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22 phrases with everything we say with ‘lo dicho’ (what is said)

You wanted to demonstrate that you control the Spanish vocabulary and you said something like “los esposos comparten lo dicho de su hijo- the parents share what is said of their son”. We thought that you really wanted to say ‘lo dicho por su hijo-what was said by their son’ because it made sense, but finally we knew that what you were saying was that ‘comparten la dicha (felicidad, suerte) de su hijo- they share the happiness (joy, luck) of their son’ which also makes sense. ‘Lo dicho’ is what is talked, said or mentioned previously; a popular sentence or funny comment, among other things. If you consult the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, you will see that dicho-said’ is the participle of the verb ‘decir’ (to say) (Te he dicho que…-I have told you), but also has other uses and some habitual ones such as ‘lo dicho- what is said’, expression of ratification or affirmation (lo dicho, dicho está-what is said, it is said.). We also use it as a noun to name certain sentences, phrases or proverbs (mencionó un dicho conocido- mentioned a well-known saying). It also applies to refer beings and objects as synonymous with ‘cited’ (we say, for example, dichos coches-these cars- to refer to the cars mentioned preoviously). ‘Un dicho’ (a saying) is also a synonym for a joke (witty or funny comment). Here we leave you 22 phrases so you can better understand the different uses of ‘(lo) dicho’, in addition to an MP3 so you can train your listening comprehension:


Me atengo a lo dicho. – I adhere to what has been said

No retiro lo dicho. – I do not take back what I said

Dicho lo dicho…- Said what was said…

Resumiendo lo dicho. – Summing up what has been said.

Lo dicho, dicho queda. –  What is said, said remains.

Me retracto de lo dicho. – I take back what I said.

Sobre lo dicho y no dicho. – On what was said and not said.

Lo dicho: volveremos. – What I said: we will return. 

Corroborando lo dicho. – Corroborating what has been said.

De lo dicho, nada.- Of what has been said, nothing.

Lo dicho, dicho está. – What is said, it is said.

Más allá de lo dicho. – Beyond what has been said.

Ya está todo dicho. – Everything is already said.

Del dicho al hecho… – From the saying to the fact …

Es un viejo dicho. – It is an old saying.

Dicho esto, está todo dicho. – That said, everything is said.

Tomaron medidas tras lo dicho… – They took action after what was said …

Mira que te lo tengo dicho… –  I have told you…

Dicho acabado es perfecto. – This finish is perfect.

En dicho informe hay un error. – In that report there is an error.

Como he dicho – As I said

¡Tiene cada dicho! – He has some sayings!

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