The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 11 and 12 August

This is the challenge of August: to increase your vocabulary in Spanish gradually by learning 22 words every 2 days so as not to lose your habit. You have the vocabulary template in Spanish on 11 and 12 August, which are days 223rd and 224th of the year. The same days in which, respectively, the Spanish fabulist Felix Maria Samaniego and the American painter Jackson Pollock died (August 11, 1801 and 1956 respectively) and the Spanish writer and Nobel Prize winner Jacinto Benavente was born (August 12, 1866) and the German writer and also Nobel Prize for Literature Thomas Mann died (August 12, 1955).



1.- magnífico/s (magnificent) = splendid, excellent

2.- fiesta/s  la, las (party) = meeting of people to celebrate something

3.- popular/es (popular) =  that is very well known

4.- oficial/es (official) = what comes from the State

5.- comercio/s  el, los (shop, store) = store in which products are bought or sold

6.- teatro/s el, los (theatre) = place where dramatic works are performed

7.- agenda/s  la, las (datebook) = notebook those things what has to be done

8.- compromiso/s  el, los (commitment) = contracted obligation

9.- mayor/es  (older) = who is older than someone else

10.- asistencia/s  la, las (assistance) = help given a person

11.- público/s  (public) =  what is of the State

12.- encabezado/s  (led) =  that presides or that is in front of something

13.- incertidumbre/s  la, las (uncertainty) =  doubt

14.- política/s  la, las (politics) = activity or art to govern a State

15.- triunfo/s  el, los (triumph) = victory

16.- fundamental/-es  (fundamental)  = that is essential

17.- enganche/s  el, los (hook) = piece used to hold something with a hook

18.- común/-munes  (common) = usual

19.- apuesta/s  la, las (bet) = money that you bet in a game of chance

20.- desequilibrio/s  el, los (umbalance)  = that doesn’t have balance or stability

21.- destacar (to emphasize) = to emphasize

22.- abrumar (to overwhelm) =  to overwhelm someone


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