The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 13 and 14 August

With today’s words, you will have added 154 new Spanish words to your vocabulary, almost effortlessly. We congratulate you for continuing with the challenge for learning 22 words every 2 days so as not to lose verbal fluency in the language of Cervantes. You have the vocabulary template in Spanish for the days 13 and 14 August, which are the days 225th and 226th of the year. The same days in which the painter Delacroix (13/08/1863) and the writer George Wells (13/08/1946) died, Alfred Hitchcock was born (13/08/1899) and the American President Truman announced the unconditional surrender of Japan in the World War II (08/14/1945).



1.- entorno/s  el, los (environment) = the environment that surrounds something

2.- en torno  (rum to, about a) = around

3.- reproche/s  el, los (reproach) = to censor or to recriminate

4.- rendición/-ciones   la, las (surrender) = to accept defeat

5.- añejo/s  lo, los (mature) = old

6.- viejo/s  el, lo, los (old) = old person, worn thing

7.- ardor/es   el, los (heat or ardour or courage) = feeling of heat or momentum or ardor

8.- rebasar ( to pass, to exceed or surpass) = to overcome or to exceed

9.- arremeter (to attack) = to attack

10.- vara/s   la, las (stick) = long and thin stick

11.- mando/s   el, los (authority, managers) = authority

12.- asiento/s  el, los (seat) = place to sit

13.- trasero/s  el, los (back or rear) =  back side

14.- maquinaria/s  la, las (mechanism) = mechanism

15.- gurú/s/ gurúes  el, la, los, las (guru) = person who is a reference for his/her knowledge of a subject

16.- contienda/s  la, las (battle) = battle

17.- honestidad  la (honesty, decency) = sense of integrity and decency

18.- contra  (against) = preposition that expresses opposition

19.- improvisación/-ciones   la, las (improvisation) = action not prepared or planned with means available

20.- burbuja/s  la, las (bubble, zone) = isolated area or air balloon

21.- fractura/s   la, las (fracture, break) = break of a bone

22.- adjudicar (to award) = to award something




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