The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 19 and 20 August

Continue the challenge to increase verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days. Here, you have the vocabulary template corresponding to days 19 and 20, which are days 231st and 232nd of the year. The same ones in which the Spanish writer and philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno, was dismissed from his position as rector of the University of Salamanca for political reasons (August 20, 1914) and in which the philosopher and scientist Blas Pascal (August 19, 1662), the American actor Groucho Marx (August 19, 1977) and the Spanish architect Jose Luis Fernandez del Amo (August 20, 1995) died.



1.- planeta/s  el, los (planet) = celestial body

2.- telescopio/s  el, los (telescope) = objetc used to observe stars and planets

3.- ambición/-ciones  la, las (ambition) = great desire to get power or wealth

4.- insuficiente/s  (insufficient) =  that is not enough, scarce

5.- cambio/s el, los (change) = variation

6.- contra (against) = preposition that expresses opposition

7.- desde (from, since) = preposition of time or place

8.- fisura/s  la, las (fissure) =  crack

9.- abrir  (to open) = the opposite of close

10.- derecha/s  la, las (right) = opposite side of the heart

11.- entrar (to come in, to enter) =  to come in

12.- ministerio/s  el, los (ministry) = department in which the government of a state is divided

13.- ofrecer (to offer) = to present and  to give something to someone to use it

14.- dispuesto/s  (willing, ready) = who is willing or ready to do something

15.- presidente/s el, los (president) = person who holds a presidency

16.- riesgo/s  el, los (risk) = danger

17.- monetario/s   (monetary) =  which is related to the currency

18.- adicional/es  (additional) = added

19.- fomentar (to encourage, to promote) = to promote something

20.- depreciar (to depreciate) =  to lessen the value of something

21.-  arriba (up) =  which is in the upper part

22.- instrumento/s  el, los (instrument) = objetct used to do different activities


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