The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 21 and 22 August

Don’t be discouraged and continue the challenge of increasing verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days. Here, you have the vocabulary template corresponding to days 21 and 22, which are days 233rd and 234th of the year. The same ones in which the first Salzburg Festival took place in homage to Mozart (22/8/1920), in which St. Francis of Sales (August, 21, 1567) and the French composer Claude-Achille Debussy (August 22, 1862) were born and in which Magdalena Nile del Rio, known as the “Imperio Argentina”, died (22/8/2003).



1.- mitología/s  la, las (mythology) = study of myths and legends

2.- censor/es  el, los (censor) = person who examines and censors content intended for publication

3.- sectario/s (sectarian) = fanatic and intransigent

4.- cola/s la, las (queue) =  line of persons in which you wait for your turn

5.- manos  las (hands) = upper extremities of the human being

6.- piernas las (legs) = lower extremities of the human being

7.- divulgación/ciones  la, las (spreading, dissemination ) = what is published for everyone’s knowledge

8.- himno/s  el, los (anthem) = musical composition that represents a State, team or party

9.- exhibir (to exhibit, to display) = to show something in public

10.- gloriosa/s (glorious) =  which is worthy of glory and praise

11.- magnífico/s  (magnificent) = splendid

12.- desconocido/s (unknown) =  that is not known

13.- desconocer (not to know, be ignorant of) =  not knowing or ignoring something

14.- bastante (enough, quite a lot) = what is enough or numerous

15.- pronto (early, quickly) = early or quickly

16.- incertidumbre/s  la, las (uncertainty) = insecurity, doubt or lack of certainty

17. monta/s la, las (riding) =  art of riding a horse

18.- pasado/s el, los (past) = what happened a long time ago

19.- emoción/ciones  la, las (emotion) = intense and little lasting mental state

20.- desenlace/s  el, los (ending) = end of a story

21.- respirar  (to breathe) =  to take air to absorb oxygen

22.- aterrizar (to land) = to land


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