The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 23 and 24 August

In a short time, you will complete the challenge of increasing verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days. Here, you have the vocabulary template corresponding to days 23 and 24, which are days 235th and 236th of the year. The same ones in which the Spanish sculptor and painter Jaume Plensa (23/8/1955), the Nobel laureate in Economics Robert Merton Solow (23/8/1924) and the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (24/8/1899) were born, in which the Spanish theologian and poet Fray Luis de León (23/8/1591), the French writer Simone Weil (24/8/1943) and the actor Rodolfo Valentino (23/8/1926) died.



1.- tranquilidad  la (quietness, tranquility) =  state of calm and stillness

2.- esfera/s  la, las (sphere) = geometric figure which has a curved surface

3.- expectación/ciones  la, las (expectation, excitement) = great interest in an event that is going to occur

4.- progreso/s  el, los (progress) =  advancement or improvement

5.- razón/-zones la, las (reason) = cause or reason for something

6.- ajeno/s  (of another, outside, alien) = what is of another person, also improper or strange

7.- eficiencia/s la, las (efficiency) = ability to achieve a aim in the best way

8.- talento/s  el, los (talent) =  aptitude or ability to perform an activity

9.- signo/s  el, los (sign) =  sign

10.- acometer (to undertake) = to undertake

11.- tarea/s  la, las (task)  = job or task that has to be done

12.- legendario/s  (legendary) = that is legend

13.- asignatura/s  la, las (subject, course) = subject that is taught in a teaching center

14.- restricción/-cciones  la, las (restriction, limitation) =  limitation

15.- aire/s  el, los (air) =  wind

16.- despiadado/s  (heartless) = that is cruel and has no mercy

17.- dictatorial/es  (dictatorial) =  what is related to a dictatorship

18.- ilusorio/s  (illusory) = which is imaginary and not real

19.- reactivar (to reactivate) = to activate again

20.- erguir (to raise, to straighten) =  to raise or to straighten or to put something right

21.- argüir (to argue) = to argue

22.- contradecir (to contradict) = to say the opposite of what another says


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