The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 25 and 26 August

Continue the August challenge of increasing verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days. Here you are the vocabulary template corresponding to days 25 and 26, which are days 237th and 238th of the year. The same ones in which the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset returned to Spain (26/8/1945), in which the British actor Sean Connery (August 25, 1930) and the French chemist Antoine L. Lavoisier (August 26, 1743) were born and in which the writer Emilio Salgari (August 25, 1863), the American astronaut Neil A. Armstrong (August 25, 2002) and the philosopher and psychologist William James (August, 26, 1910) died.



1.- estímulo/s  el, los (stimulus, incentive) = what stimulates or prompts to act or to do something

2.- injusto/s  (unjust, unfair) = that is not fair

3.- manipulación/-ciones  la, las (manipulation) =  domain that is exercised over what another person thinks or wants

4.- rescate/s  el, los (rescue) = money that is paid to free someone who is kidnapped

5.- bilateral/es  (bilateral) = that in which both parties are involved in

6.- teletrabajo/s  el, los (teleworking) = work done outside the company using a telecommunication system

7.- quebradero/s  el, los (worry) =  that worries

8.- ofensiva/s   (offensive) = what is used to attack

9.- vivienda/s  la, las (housing, house) = place intended for people to live or inhabit there

10.- aspirar (to aspire) =  to want or pretend to get something

11.- acceso/s  el, los (access) = entrance to get to a place

12.- sondear (to sound out) = to sound out for finding out someone’s intentions

13.- desplome/s  el, los (collapse) =  collapse of something

14.- diversificación/-ciones la, las (diversification) = transformation of the unique and uniform into multiple and diverse

15.- tormenta/s  la, las (storm) = storm

16.- condición/-ciones  la, las (condition) = requirement for something to be done.

17.- resto/s el, los (rest, remains, debris)  = what remains of a whole. Also waste or scraps of something

18.- perito/s  el, los (technical engineer) = technical engineer

19.- confianza/s  la, las (confidence, trust) =  self-confidence

20.- globo/s  el, los (balloon) = flexible object made of rubber that fills with air or gas

21.- foco/s el, los  (floodlightspotlight ) = object used to illuminate

22.- aprendizaje/s el, los (apprenticeshiplearning) =  knowledge acquisition


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