The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 27 and 28 August

You are getting closer to completing the challenge of increasing verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days. You can do it! Here you have the vocabulary template corresponding to days 27 and 28, which are days 239th and 240th of the year. The same ones in which the Montgolfier brothers launched a hot air balloon in Paris (Agust 27, 1783), in which Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech “I have a dream” in Washington (August 28, 1963), in which the former president of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson (August 27, 1908) and the German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe (August 28, 1749) were born and in which the Spanish playwright Lope de Vega (August 27, 1635), the Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbaran (August 27, 1664) and the writer and journalist Francisco Umbral (August 28, 2007).



1.- distancia/s  la, las (distance) = emotional detachment

2.- estímulo/s  el, los (stimulusincentive) = what stimulates or prompts to act or to do something

3.- caer  (to fall) = to fall on the ground,  to collapse

4.- alquiler/es  el, los  (renting) = renting,  price paid for renting something

5.- apoyo/s  el, los (support) =  what holds something, support. Also help

6.- caza/s  la, las (hunting) = to chase an animal to capture or kill it,  hunting

7.- siniestro/s  el, los (accident) =  accident

8.- lío/s  el, los (mess, fuss) = muddle or mess

9.- frustrado/s frustrated, failed) =  that has not achieved what he wanted, also failed

10.- violencia/s la (violence) = use of force to impose the will

11.- evidencia/s  la, las (evidence) = what is clear and needs no explanation

12.-  destino/s  el, los (destination) = arrival point on a trip

13.- discrepancia/s   la, las (disagreement) = disagreement

14.- fiebre/s  la, las  (fever, temperature) = elevation of body temperature more than normal

15.- recomponer (to do again, to redo) = to re-compose,  to redo

16. activar (to activate) = to start up something up

17.- futuro/s el, los  (future) = what has not yet happened in the time

18.- enésima/s  (nthunspecified) = what is repeated indefinitely

19.- humildad  la (humblenesshumility) = attitude of a person who does not boast of his successes, modesty

20.- clave/s  la, las (key) = what is essential and basic. Also code to access something

21.- prejuicios los (prejudice) = negative opinion of something that is not known or hardly known

22.- extinción/-ciones  la, las  (extinction) = disappearance of a species


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