The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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Palabras Nivel B1

22 words in Spanish on 29 and 30 August

You have almost completed the challenge of increasing verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days. Congratulations! Here you are the vocabulary template corresponding to days 29 and 30, which are days 241 and 242 of the year. The same ones in which the Catholic Monarchs recognized and promoted the University of Mallorca. (August 30, 1483), in which Thomas Edison presented his first telephone device (August 30, 1879), in which the Spanish poet Manuel Machado (August 29, 1874), Vladimir Romanoff, Grand Duke of Russia, (August 30, 1917) and the American singer Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958)  were born and in which the actor Lee Marvin (August 29, 1987), the Egyptian writer and Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfuz (August 30, 2006) and the Spanish designer Manuel Pertegaz (August 30, 2014) died.



1.- optativo/s  (optional) = optional, which is not mandatory

2.- convulso/s  (convulsed) = excited, convulsed

3.- espiar  (to spy) = to get secret information from a state or company

4.- investigación/-ciones  la, las (investigation, research) =  inquiry to discover something

5.- salpicar (to sprinkle) = wetting someone or something with a liquid that has spread

6.- forja/s  la, las (forge) = place where the metal is worked

7.- deterioro/s  el, los (deterioration) = wear and worsening of something

8.- dilema/s  el, los (dilemma) = disjunctive, choice between two possible solutions

9.- encontronazo/s  el, los (crash, collision) = unexpected encounter. Also crash or fight

10.- memoria/s  la, las (memory) = facultad para retener y recordar hechos del pasado

11.- plato/s  el, los (plate) =  ability to retain and remember past events

12.- gusto/s  el, los (taste) =  taste of something

13.- allanar (to level) = put something flat, to flatten

14.- techo/s  el, los (ceiling, roof) = top of a building

15.- paradójico/s  (paradoxical) =  that contains a paradox, which is contradictory from a logical point of view

16.- infinito/s (infinite) = that has no end

17.- sostenibilidad  la (sustainability) = that is sustainable, that can be maintained without exhausting resources

18.- frontera/s  la, las (frontier, border) = limit of a state

19.- campechanía/s  la, las (good nature, cheerfulness) = cordial treatment

20.- impecable/s  (impeccable) = perfect, without flaws

21.- difícil/es  (difficult) = difficult

22.- peculiaridad/es las, las  (peculiarity) = which is unique and characteristic of something or someone


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