The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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Palabras Nivel B1

22 words in Spanish on 31 August

Congratulations! If you are here, you’ve achieved it! In the month of August, you have added more than 300 words into your vocabulary. Imagine what vocabulary you can have if you continue like this until you complete the twelve months of the year! Here you are already in the template on August 31 with words that carry the letter g or the j or both. On this day, but in1951, appeared the first long-play, presented by the German company Deutsche Grammophon. Also this day, Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, died in Paris in a car accident in 1997.



1.- agasajo/s  el, los (warm treament) = show of affection

2.- alhaja/s  la, las (jewel) = jewel

3.- bagaje/s  el, los (baggage, background) = baggage or knowledge that a person has

4.- bajar  (to go down) = to go down

5.- cigüeña/s  la, las (stork) = type of migratory bird

6.- paragüas  el, los (umbrella) = object used to protect you from the rain

7.- general/es  (general) =  what is common, current

8.- guía/s  el, los, la, las (guide) = person who directs or guides others

9.- gurú/s/ gurúes (guru) = expert in a subject that influences others

10.- regir (to rule) = to manage, to govern

11.- rigor/es el, los  (rigour) = rigour or precision

12.- arbitraje/s  el, los (refereeing) =  to be referee in a match

13.- dirigir (to direct, to manage) = to manage.  Also to direct something in one direction.

14.- jorobar (to annoy, to pester) = to annoy to pester

15.- girar (to turn) =  to turn or go around something

16.- glosar (to gloss, to comment) = add explanations to a text

17.- grifo/s el, los (tap) = metal key placed in a pipe to regulate the passage of liquids

18.- glotón/-tones  (greedy, gluttonous) = who eats a lot

19.- ignición/-ciones la, las (ignition) = combustion

20.- jarrear (to rain a lot) = to rain a lot

21.- jergón/-gones el, los  (palliasse, straw mattress) = straw mattress

22.- jengibre/s  el, los (ginger) =  type of plant of Asian origin




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