The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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Palabras Nivel B1

22 words in Spanish on 5 and 6 August

This is the challenge of August: to increase your vocabulary in Spanish gradually by learning 22 words every 2 days so as not to lose your habit. You have the vocabulary template in Spanish on 3 and 4 August, which are days 217th and 218th of the year. The same days in which, respectively, Spain and the United States declared themselves neutral in the First World War (August 5, 1914) and in which the American actress Marilyn Monroe (August 5, 1962) and the Spanish painter Diego Rodríguez de Silva Velázquez died (August 6, 1660).



1.- llanto/s el, los (crying) =  cry

2.- reconocimiento/s  el, los (recognition) = feeling of gratitude towards a person

3.- lágrima/s la, las (tear) = liquid secreted by the eyes

4.- antena/s  la, las (antenna) = device receives the electromagnetic waves

5.- recordar (to remember, to remind) = bring something back to memories

6.- voltaje/s el, los (voltage) = amount of volts in an electrical system

7.- vileza/s la, las (vileness) = that is vile and despicable

8.- vocear (to cry, to shout) = to shout

9.- feo/s (el, lo, los)  (ugly) = that is not beautiful

10.- poderoso/s (powerful) =  who has power

11.- traje/s  el, los (suit) = set of  jacket and trousers

12.-motivo/s el, los (reason) = cause or reason of something

13.-bandera/s la, las (flag) = flag that represents a country or party

14.- albergar (to provide acommodation) = to give accommodation

15.- instalación/-ciones  la, las (installation) =  set of things installed in a place to do something

16.- insulto/s  el, los (insult) = offensive word addressed to a person

17.- desprecio/s el, los  (contempt) = disdain

18.- irreductible/s (implacable, irreducible) = irreducible

19.- mohín/-es  el, los (grimace) = grin

20.- asco/s  el, los (revulsion) =  unpleasant feeling, disgust

21.- voto/s  el, los (vote) =  expression of the will on a subject in a query

22.- cariño/s  el, los (affection) = affection

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