The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish on 9 and 10 August

This is the challenge of August: to increase your vocabulary in Spanish gradually by learning 22 words every 2 days so as not to lose your habit. You have the vocabulary template in Spanish on 9 and 10 August, which are days 221st and 222nd of the year. The same days in which, respectively, the German writer and Nobel prize of Literature Herman Hesse (August 9, 1962) died and in which the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas was born (August 10, 1960) and in that the Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla passed away (August 10, 1923).




1.- aniversario/s  el, los (anniversary) = birthday or celebration of a commemorative event

2.- altura/s la, las (height) = altitude

3.- relevo/s el, los (relief) = substitution

4.- envite/s el, los (offer, invitation) = offer, invitation

5.- ronda/s la, las (round) = series of events that happen in an orderly manner

6.- lejos (far) = distant

7.- autopista/s la, las (motorway, highway) = multilane road

8.- papel/es  el, los (paper) = fine sheet on which you write

9.- seguro/s (safe) = that is not in danger

10.- convencional/es (conventional) =  traditional

11.- edad/es la, las (age) = epoch or years of a person

12.- mundo/s el, los (world) = everything that exists

13.- entonces (then) = at that moment

14.- instante/s el, los (instant) = in a very short time

15.- manifiesto/s  (clear, manifest) = that is obvious

16.- sabia/s (wise) = that is prudent and intelligent

17.- vagabundo/s (wandering) = wandering

18.- consumar (to complete) = to do something in its entirety

19. silencioso/s (silent, noiseless) = that does not make noise

20. distancia/s la, las (distance) = existing space between two places

21. dolor/es el, los (pain) = weigh or discomfort in one area of the body

22.- refugio/s el, los (shelter, refuge) = place to protect yourself from a danger




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