The challenge of August to expand vocabulary.
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22 words in Spanish with the letter ‘r’ on 17 and 18 August

Continue the challenge of increasing verbal fluency in Spanish by learning 22 words every two days, this time with 22 words with the letter ‘r’ to also practice the pronunciation of this consonant. Here, yo have the template corresponding to days 17 and 18, which are the days 229th and 230th of the year, the same ones in which the first particle accelerator starts operating in Geneva (8/17/1957), Robert de Niro was born (August 17, 1943) and the first edition of the “Grammar on the Spanish Language” by Antonio Nebrija (August 18, 1492) and the Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria (August 18, 1765) and Robert Redford were born (August 18, 1937).



1.- carril/es  el, los (intractable) =  way by which one circulates

2.- error/es  el, los (mistake) = mistake, error

3.- reactivar (reactivate) =  to reactivate or to boost

4.- retrasar (to delay)  = to delay or to postpone something

5.- rigor/es  el, los (rigour) =  to treat something with perfection or severity

6.-responsabilidad/es  la, las (responsibility) = obligation

7.-corrupto/s  el, la, los, las (corrupt) = person who has been bribed

8.-cerrar (to close)  =  the opposite of opening

9.-horror/es   el, los (horror) =  intense fear caused by something

10.-rejuvenecer  (to rejuvenate) = to improve in appearance or to renew something

11.- achatarramiento/s   el, los (scrapping) =  to crush to the fullest

12.-herbicida/s  el, los (herbicide) = substance for plants

13.-red/es   la, las (net, network) = mesh or set of relationships between people

14.- reinventarse (rebrand oneself) = to reinvent yourself

15.- perro/s   el, los (dog) = domestic animal

16.-pregón/-gones  el, los (proclamation) = formal speech addressed to the crowd or proclamation of general interest

17.- frenar (to brake) = to stop or to interrupt something

18.- tercio/s   el, los (third) =  the third part

19.- regulador/es   el, los (regulator) = person who regulates, usually referred to the legislator

20.- respuesta/s  la, las (answer) =  to answer a question or to react to a fact

21.- revolución/-ciones  la, las (revolution) = violent movement against the established order. Also fuss

22.- urgente/s   lo, los (urgent or express) = what must be done quickly




Bibliography: Diccionario de la RAE

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