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You were really angry and suddenly you blurted out your friend “¡Piensa antes que hablar!”; you actually wanted to say “¡Piensa antes de hablar!”. In English, it is the same sentence for both examples “Think before you talk!.” However, in Spanish, it went wrong because ‘antes‘ is an adverb that indicates priority in time or space. But, you know very well that we use ‘antes de‘ and ‘antes que‘ to express ourselves in a different way both in a conversational context and in a formal context. So both are correct if you use them with sense. But is it said ‘estaba antes de- I was before‘ or ‘estaba antes que- I was before‘? It depends. The Panhispanic Dictionary resolves this doubt, clearly. Whenever you use ‘antes de‘ or ‘antes que‘ with temporal meaning (antes de comer, lávate las manos- before eating, wash your hands) you will have used it correctly. And the same will happen when you use ‘antes que‘ to express preference (me quiso antes que tú- he wanted me before you). So we do not say ‘piensa antes que hablar-think before you talk‘ but we already can say ‘piensa antes de qué hablar-think befote what to talk about‘ . Of course, here we are talking about something else. We know that you are willing to practice when it has to be used ‘antes de‘ or ‘antes que‘ that’s why in this post we have put together 12 sentences with ‘antes de‘ or ‘antes de que‘ and 12 more with ‘antes que‘. In the post, we include two MP3s to list and exercise pronunication of the Spanish language and all free! Can you ask for more?

Antes de, antes de que

Antes de escribir tengo que leer- Before writing, I have to read.

Antes de que te vayas coge el abrigo- Before you leave, take the coat.

Lávate las manos antes de comer- Wash your hands before eating.

Piensa antes de hablar- Think before you talk.

Escucha antes de actuar- Listen before acting. 

Antes de entrar, dejen salir- Before getting in, allow to exit. 

Antes de cantar, aclara la voz- Before singing, clarify the voice. 

Estaba antes de usted en la fila- I was before you in the row. 

Prepárate antes de que sea tarde- Get ready before it’s too late. 

Limpia la tienda antes de  cerrar- Clean the store before closing.

Echa el cierre antes de que llegue más gente- Take the lock before more people arrive.

Antes de ir a clase acaba los deberes- Before going to class, you have to end your homework.

Antes que

Antes que mentir, prefiero callar.- Before I lie, I prefer to keep quiet.

Antes muerta que sencilla.- Before dead than simple.

Prefiero al hombre antes que al poeta.- I prefer the man before the poet.

Eligió Madrid  antes que Londres.- He chose Madrid before London.

Antes que cantidad, prefiero calidad.- Before quantity, I prefer quality. 

Antes que planchar, prefiero lavar los platos.- Before ironing, I prefer to wash the dishes.

Antes que López está García.- Before López is García.

Antes que al mar voy a la montaña.- Before going to the sea, I go to the mountain.

Antes que nada debemos salvarnos.- First of all we must save ourselves.

Es preferible adaptarse antes que enfrentarse.- It is preferable to adapt before confronting.

Prefiere venderlo antes que regalarlo- I prefer to sell it before giving it away.

Es mejor decir corredor antes que runner.- In Spanish, it is better to say ‘corredor’ than runner.

Pía Valls/PracticaEspañol


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