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Donald Trump has won the U.S. presidential election, after to win 276 electoral votes, facing Democrat Hillary Clinton, who picked up 218. according to projections by media outlets early Wednesday.

The magnate won by prevailing in traditionally Republican states as well as in swing states such as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Iowa.
Former Secretary of State and former first lady has not managed victories in them.
Clinton, moreover, has lost in States in which should have won, as Michigan and Wisconsin, until yesterday domain democrats.

The Republican candidate has been imposed to it also in Pennsylvania, State chosen by the Democrat to give her speech of close campaign, she protected by President Barack Obama, the first lady, Michelle, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Since George Bush (father), in 1988, no Republican presidential candidate had managed to win in Pennsylvania, a State that is part of the metallurgical and mining belt of Eastern United STATES and that Trump was able to conquer with promises of a return to the past of prosperity enjoyed decades ago.
To proclaim it victor of the elections, Trump had that overcome the 270 votes electoral.

Washington, 2016 november 9, efe/PracticaEspañol 

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