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33 WORDS STARTING WITH “M”, “O”, “L”, AS “MOLINO” (mill)

This list of words includes 32 words starting with letters “m”, “o” and “l” (mol) as “molón” (fantastic) or “molino” (mill), with the aim of paying tribute, from “Practica Español”, to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, universal teacher of Spanish language and creator of Don Quijote de la Mancha and his windmills, on the occasion of the 4th centenary of his birth.

A windmill is a machine used for grinding or crushing propelled by the force of the wind. The windmill is also the building where the machine is located, such as those in La Mancha (Spain), that Don Quijote confused with scattered “giants” in the seas of Castilian fields and against who he started his unusual exploit.

Windmills, the “giants”, appear for the first time in the 8th chapter of the masterpiece:

“They found thirty or fourty windmills in that field, and as soon as Don Quijote saw them, told to his squire:

– Fortune is arranging our matters better than we thought; look there, friend Sancho Panza, where we can see thirty or more scattered giants. I want to engage them in battle and take away their lives, and so we can begin to make our fortunes.

– What giants? – Said Sancho Panza.

-Those who you see in there – answered his master – with very long arms.

-Look – said Sancho – those are not giants, but windmills. And those are not their arms, but vanes that, moved by the wind, let the mills work.”


molido – ground – moído

molienda – milling season – moenda

molicie – softness – suavidade

molificar – mollify – aplacar

molimiento – milling – moagem

molinete – pinwheel – cata-vento

molinillo – grinder – moedor

molla – lean part – lombo

mollar – soft – molar

molleja – sweetbread – moela

mollera – brain – cachola

mollete – muffin – bolinho

molón – fantastic – fantástico

molondro – lazy – preguiçoso

molturación – milling – moagem

molturear – to grind – moer

moldeado – grinded – moldado

moldear – to mould – moldar

moldura – frame – moldura

moldurar – to mould – moldar

mole – mass – bloco

molécula – molecule – molécula

molecular – molecular – molecular

moledura – grinding – moagem

moler – to grind – moer

molestar – to bother – incomodar

molestarse – to bother – incomodar-se

molestia – bother – incômodo

molesto – annoying – irritado

molar – to be cool – gostar

molde – mould – fôrma

moldeable – malleable – moldável

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