Intermediate level of Spanish.
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39 irregular participles in Spanish

‘Roto’ (broken), ‘abierto’ (opened), ‘dicho’ (said) or ‘hecho (done) are some of the irregular participles in the Spanish language. In this post, you will find a list of 39 of these, accompanied with its infinitive.


Normally, participles of Spanish verbs end in -ado and -ido, but as in the rest of languages, there are also exceptions.

In addition, in the Spanish language, there are some verbs that have two participles, as is the case of ‘freír’ (‘freído’, ‘frito’) and ‘imprimir’ (‘impreso’, ‘imprimido’).


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abrirabierto / to open opened

absolverabsuelto / to absolveabsolved

adscribiradscrito / to appoint appointed

componercompuesto / to composecomposed

contradecircontradicho / to contradictcontradicted

cubrircubierto /  to cover,  to fill –  covered, filled

decirdicho  /  to saysaid

deponerdepuesto  /  to deposedeposed

descomponerdescompuesto / to decomposedecomposed

deshacerdeshecho /  to undoundone

devolverdevuelto /  to returnreturned

disponerdispuesto / to provide –  provided

disolverdisuelto / to dissolvedissolved

envolverenvuelto / to wrapwrapped

escribirescrito /  to writewritten

exponerexpuesto /  to expose, to exhibitexposed, exhibited

freírfrito /  to fry, to cook –  fried, cook

hacerhecho /  to do , done

imponerimpuesto /   to imposeimposed

inscribirinscrito /  to enrol –  enrolled

irido  /   to gogone

imprimirimpreso / to printprinted

morirmuerto / to diedied

oponeropuesto / to opposeopposed

ponerpuesto /  to put –  put

posponerpospuesto / to postpone – postponed

predecirpredicho / to predictpredicted

preverprevisto / to forecastforecasted

proponerpropuesto / to proposeproposed

pudrirpodrido /  to decomposedecomposed

recubrirrecubierto /  to covercovered

reponerrepuesto /  to replacereplaced

resolverresuelto /  to solvesolved

romperroto /  to breakbroken

satisfacersatisfecho /  to satisfysatisfied

suscribirsuscrito /  to subscribesubscribed

transcribirtranscrito /  to transcribetranscribed

vervisto / to seeseen

volvervuelto / to returnreturned


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