There are many ways in Spanish to say a person is stupid.
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7 forms to say “a complete idiot” in Spanish

To use the word idiota (idiot), or something similar, it is good to know what you are saying with this colloquial expression typical of the human irritation that is used, in every language, as an insult, even though Russian author Fiodor Dostoyevski used it to title one of his masterpieaces (The idiot) and it has been as one of the universal epithet, with necio (foolish) and estúpido (stupid). Here you will find seven forms to say “you are a complete idiot” in Spanish, considering that the reaction of this insult depends on the people that receive it, not on the expression you use.

1.- “Ser un perfecto idiota” (be a complete idiot)

The etymological roots of the word “idiota” (Greek and Latin) indicate that an idiot is, principally, an ignorant. An uneducated person, a layman. But it also means a person with low intelligence, the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) says. An “idiota” is a fool.

We say:

¡Tú eres idiota!

¡Es un perfecto idiota!

¡No se puede ser tan idiota!

¡Este mundo está lleno de idiotas!

¡Soy idiota!

2.- “Ser un auténtico majadero” (be an authentic fool)

The Spanish dictionary says “majadero” comes from “majar” (harp on, “machacar”) and says some of its meanings are bother, annoy or pester (somebody). Therefore, when we say someone is a “majadero”, principally we are saying he is a “cansino” (tiring) or a “tostón” (pain). This means, a talkactive person who “da la tabarra” o “da la lata” (to be a nuisance). An annoying person (“pesado”), as well as an idiot.

We say:

¡Es un auténtico majadero /majadera.

¡Eres un auténtico majadero/majadera!

¡Pero qué majadero/majadera eres!

¡De majaderos está el mundo lleno!

3.- “Ser corto” (be a gormless)

The same as saying “no tener dos dedos de frente“. Someone who is not smart. Either circumstancial or not.

We say:

¡Soy corto!

¡Es bastante corto, el pobre…”

¡No seas corto!

¡Es corto!

4.- “Ser tonto o bobo de remate” (be totally fool)

We we add “de remate” to the word “tonto“(or “tonto de capirote” or “tonto del bote“, or “más tonto que Abundio” or “hecho de encargo”), it is to give it emphasis and, implicitly, you are saying that his silliness has no solution. Paradoxically, we also say this to a person who is “ingenuo” (ingenuousor “más bueno” (better) than the other people.

We say:

¡Es tonto de remate!

¡Soy tonto!

¡Eres más tonto que hecho de encargo!

¡Es tonto del bote!

¡Mira que eres bobo, cariño! (*)

¡Es un tonto de capirote!

¡Eres más tonto que Abundio!

A “capirote” is a hood. If you what to know its story, it is on the Internet.

5.- “Ser un mentecato” 

Another way to say “tonto”. Its meaning includes fatuous (“fatuo”), a word for  “vanidosa” (vain) or “presuntuosa” (arrogant). “Fatuo” is a word used in some places of Spain more than others.

We say:

¡Es un mentecato!

¡Eres un mentecato!

¡Vaya mentecato estás hecho!

6.- “Ser un memo”.

The same as “tonto” or “mentecato”, and it also means “simple” (foolish).

We say:

¡Es un memo!


¡Mira que eres memo!

7.- “Ser un necio o un estúpido”  

One of the worst synonymous of idiot is “necio“. All possible from the word idiot kin, the worst for me is the “necio” “foolish”. Because “necio” (from Latin, nescius) is like a pack.  It is “ser un perfecto idiota“,  “un auténtico majadero“, “un tonto de remate” and “memo“, all at the same time. In addition, this word also means obstinacy and stubbornness. A “necio” is this way by his own. He is a stupid, the opposite of a”sabio” (wise). This word is as old as the Bible.  El término es tan antiguo como la Biblia. Cervantes wrote: “Quien en necio confía, necedad recibe” (He who trusts a foolish, he will receive foolishness)

We say:

¡No se puede ser más necio!

¡No se puede ser más necia!

¡Esto es como la conjura de los necios! (Frase que se inspira en la novela de John Kennedy Toole)

¡Es un estúpido!

¡Es un redomado * estúpido!

A. Carlos,   August 1,  2016, Practica Español


(*) Abundio o Pichote, nombres de personajes que popularmente han servido para encarnar popularmente el paradigma de l tonto.

(*) “Mira que eres bobo, cariño…” En función del contexto, puede ser un cumplido.

(*)  “Redomado”, Presume de ello.


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