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A bust from the 1st century has been found in an excavation in Cástulo (Jaén)

Jaen (Spain) / Excavations carried out in the Iberian-Roman site of Cástulo, located five kilometers from Linares (Jaén), have brought to light a bust from the 1st century.

The sculpture, presented Monday at the site by the Minister of Culture, Patricia del Pozo, was found in area 1 in front of the large building that has been open to visitors since last year.

The piece, although belonging to the 1st century, apparently could have been buried in the 4th century, in a hole made in the street, where it has been found surrounded by stones, which could mean that it was hidden with a certain ceremonial.

Theories about this piece

The first theories suggest that it is the bust of a woman, perhaps the goddess Minerva, however it cannot be determined, since it is somewhat destroyed in the part of the mouth and nose.

It is a piece of white marble, where you can see a hat with decoration in squares and on one side there is what looks like a kind of animal with two legs raised.

The image could be part of the building itself buried in the Christian era to be preserved, although it will have to be cleaned and studied.

The counselor explained to the media that the finding occurred when excavations were carried out in front of the building due to works on the land that had been opened by the natural route of water.

The large building in front of which the bust has been found, has 1,200 square meters and was built with large ashlars, whose head was known thanks to archaeological interventions carried out in the 1980s by José María Blázquez.

The interventions carried out in it made it possible to see the main façade of the latter, about 30 meters long, which has a central door with access through a small staircase and six openings that give access to different ‘tabernae’ (commercial premises open to the street in cities of ancient Rome).

In zone 1 is the nerve center of the site, the commercial area of ​​this city that centuries later was used as a synagogue by the Jews. (May 27, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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