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The District of Kadikoy in Istanbul, today regrettes the robbery of a sculpture by Tombili, a stray cat whose photo was viral in social networks to the extent that 17,000 residents signed a petition last year to dedicates him a tribute.

The animal, known and loved by locals but without fixed residence, was photographed a few years ago in a

reclining pose that many described as “pimping”.

The image was included in a series of photographs of cats in positions that reminded of certain types or characters in Turkish society and becamed it viral circulation in networks, even in manipulated versions that included a glass of tea or raki, the famous Turkish liquor.

Tombili died last August because of a kidney disease and in your memory dedicated an exact replica of the animal in bronze was dedicated by popular demand, donated by the sculptor Seval Sahin.

Work was placed on the sidewalk where he was taken the image that made him famous and was officially inaugurated by the municipality of Kadikoy on 4 October last World day of the Animales.

It became so popular that people it put on it something feed of cats or another glass of tea, to give more reality to the scene.

But today, neighbors found only an empty piece of sidewalk  and they have denounced several Turkish newspapers, collecting the consternation of neighbors for this damage to their emotional heritage.

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