Stephan Hessel talked about the love and the life.
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“A life in which there is love is wonderful” (Stephan Hessel)

Author’s words Stephan Hessel (Berlin 1917-Paris 2013) political activist, diplomat and writer known for his book ‘¡Indignaos! in an interview with Agencia EFE in Madrid at 94 and a day before presenting his memoirs” My dance with the century and affirm “I fought against Hitler and I won “.



The writer affirmed that life is “the active search for happiness” and confessed that he expected death with “a certain appetite”. In his opinion, death is one of the most interesting things in life and there are to prepare yourself to die.

The death, according his memories, almost catches him in Buchenwald, a Nazi concentration camp, where he was interned as a member of the French Resistance.

He was sentenced to death by hanging, but the same day of his 27th birthday and “in extremis” he changed his identity with to another prisoner deceased.

He had previously survived the torture of the Gestapo in Paris and, after Buchenwald, was deported to Rottleberode and then to Dora, a “systematic extermination” camp.

There he lived the “pure horror, absolute” to spend a day stripping corpses, covered in blood and excrement, in exchange for two slices of sausage.

De Rottleberode and Dora he manages to escape. The first time they caught him, the second, not.

Poetry, which considers along with “optimism” and “joy of living” one of its strengths, was his lifeline.

And it was, points out Hessel (Berlin, October 20, 1917), because, “those who knew how to count had more chance of survival” and, on the other, because “in dramatic situations, when one possesses the gift of poetry, helps to stay strong. ”

For him, a man “not at all religious”, he clarifies, poetry is “spirituality”.

That passion for poetry are in 400 pages of “My dance with the century” was received from his mother, Helen Grund, an “exceptional” Berliner who lived surrounded by painters and intellectuals and had a “huge influence” on him.

His father, Franz Hessel, a German Jewish writer, instilled in him his “liking for polytheism.”

His parents, both from wealthy families, formed with the French artist Marcel Duchamp (friend of Franz and lover of Helen) the famous trio reflected in the film “Jules et Jim” (1962), by François Truffaut, one of the jewels of the “Nouvelle vague”.

He owes his parents “luck”, a constant in his life, having received an elitist education in France, where he arrived with just seven years, and being able to acquire the French nationality at 20.

He also considers it lucky to have been able to fight against the Nazis in the ranks of the Resistance, in the circles closest to General de Gaulle.

As the last living “father” of the Declaration of Human Rights, Hessel encouraged citizens not to be discouraged to change the world.

The world is less unfair today than when I was young, but it is still too unfair, “reasoned Hessel, who spoke of the differences between the very rich and the very poor,” “ecology” and “terrorism” as the problems of future of humanity.

Finally he confessed that for him “life is the active search for happiness and love”, he said that “we must learn to love and admire” and added that “a life in which there is love is wonderful”.

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