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A mass in a car gathers 500 faithful in a car park east of Paris

Paris / A “mass by car”, which according to its promoters was celebrated for the first time in France, gathered on Sunday a half thousand Catholic faithful in the car park of the Chalôns exhibition park in Champagne, east of Paris.

About 200 vehicles joined the Eucharist called by the local bishop, François Touvet, for 10:30 local time (8:30 GMT) this Sunday in the southern parking lot of the known as the Capitol of this city, about 150 kilometers from the capital .

The initiative will be repeated at least the next two Sundays, as reported on its website by the diocese of Chalôns in Champagne, which recognizes the inspiration for this celebration in the concept of “drive-ins”.

The social distancing measures in force in France foresee that religious meetings may not be held in person until June 2.

Sanitary protocol and monitoring of the mass

The heads of the diocese made available to their faithful a health and safety protocol for the celebration of mass such as allowing a maximum of four people per car (who have been confined together) or the prohibition of getting out of the car.

They also required attendees to disinfect their hands before taking communion, an act that was done without leaving the car.

To follow the development of the mass, all the attendees had to tune in to the RCF Coeur de Champagne radio, on the FM 88.6 frequency, in their car devices.

Whoever wanted to receive Communion had to turn on their emergency lights to let the priests in charge of giving communion know.

The organizers posted the songs planned for the Eucharist on their website, which the faithful were to bring with them from home.

The de-escalation in France

The de-escalation that started last Monday in France allows people to travel up to a hundred kilometers around their homes, something that the diocese of Chalôns in Champagne did not want to miss out on in order to “be inventive, within the respect of sanitary regulations, and gather the faithful in a way that allows them to be strictly separated. ”

France on Saturday lowered the hundred people killed by COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, to add a total of 27,625 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. (May 17, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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