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A relic of Saint John Paul II is stolen in Italy

Rome / A golden reliquary with an ampoule inside containing drops of the blood of Saint John Paul II has been stolen from the cathedral in the city of Spoleto, in central Italy, his Archdiocese confirmed.

The Archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia, Renato Boccardo, said in a video on social networks that this is “a serious act because it hurts the sensitivity and devotion of many people and because it shows a lack of respect and consideration.”

“I want to hope that it is a superficial act, not with the intention of offending the sensitivity of the faithful. I also want to hope that this inconsiderate gesture was not made for profit,” he added, while asking the author of the robbery to return the relic for “seriousness and responsibility.”

The Archdiocese immediately informed the Police of the robbery and they have opened an investigation to try to clarify what happened.

The stolen relic of Saint John Paul II had been donated to the Church of Spoleto-Norcia in 2016 by the then Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.

It was to be transferred to the new church of San Nicolò in Spoleto, in honor precisely of the Polish pope, according to the news portal Vatican News. (September 25, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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News related in video (January 2012):


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El texto habla de...
una reliquia de san Juan Pablo II.
la vida del papa Juan Pablo II.
todas las reliquias religiosas que hay en Italia.
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Esa ampolla contiene...
unas gotas de sangre y de saliva de san Juan Pablo II.
unos cabellos de san Juan Pablo II.
unas gotas de sangre de san Juan Pablo II.
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En el texto se dice que...
el arzobispo confirmó que el ladrón ya ha devuelto la reliquia.
el arzobiszpo descarta por completo que alguien pueda lucrarse con esa reliquia.
el arzobispo pidió que se devuelva ese reliquia.
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El arzobispo no cree que sea muy grave lo que ha ocurrido.
No se sabe.
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En el vídeo se dice que...
no hay sangre del papa Juan Pablo II en ese trozo de tela.
no hay ninguna reliquia de Juan Pablo II en ninguna catedral de España.
Juan Pablo II se sentía vinculado a Ávila.
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