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About 70,000 people has taken a chance to get one of the 900 tickets for the New Year Concert (and for its previous rehearsals) that this year Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra offers for its 175th anniversary under baton of a Spanish-speaking conductor, Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel, and also the youngest in the history of this musical date.


Venezuelan conductor will direct Vienna Orchestra at the same age and at the same place where Mozart charmed audience in 1971 with Magic Flute at the age of 35.

Dudamel directs Los Angeles Philharmonic (he has a contract until 2022) and programme of youth orchestras in Los Angeles, YOLA, a project that has given shelter to more than 600 children from marginalized communities and inspired by the work of José Antonio Abreu, musician Venezuelan founder in 1975 of the system of children’s and youth orchestras of Venezuela, in which Dudamel was formed.

In the Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto, where crime and drugs threatened many of his young comrades, Gustavo attributes his remarkable success to the extraordinary musical education he had, his website indicates.

The son of a trombonist and a singing teacher, Gustavo listened to symphonies while others were still painting with their fingers, and as a child he played music and directed toy soldiers without arms placed in an orchestra position, quoted the same page on the Internet.

The young director has received international awards such as the Knight of Arts and Letters in France or the Americas Society Award for Cultural Achievement, an association dedicated to education, debate and dialogue in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.

The tradition of a guest conductor conducting the New Year’s concert in Vienna began in 1987 and since then fifteen orchestra directors from eight different countries have been led the orchestra.

Madrid, December 21, 2016, EFE/ PracticaEspañol

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El texto habla de...
El primer Concierto de Año Nuevo en Viena.
Los ensayos de una orquesta filarmónica.
Un hispanohablante que va a dirigir un concierto.
Question 2
¿Dónde tendrá lugar el Concierto de Año Nuevo?
En la capital de Suiza.
En la capital de Austria.
En una ciudad alemana.
Question 3
¿A qué se dedica Gustavo Dudamel?
Es profesor de trombón.
Es director de una escuela de canto.
Es director de orquesta.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que Dudamel...
Creció en la ciudad más segura de su país.
Agradece la educación que recibió en la ciudad donde nació.
Tuvo que salir de Barquisimeto para ir a centro educativo mejor.
Question 5
Dudamel suele dirigir los conciertos de Año Nuevo en Viena.
No se sabe.
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