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Under the dark glare of its spectacular floating dome was held on Tuesday the official presentation of the Louvre of Abu Dhabi, born between the sea and the desert, and designed by the French architect, Jean Nouvel to sculpt the cultural future of the Middle East and Emirates on the international museum map.

President of Abu Dhabi’s Tourism and Culture Authority of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed al Mubarak, unveiled the works of art that will house the new Louvre museum, up to a total of 600, in 6,400 square meters, erected by the Spanish construction company Sanjosé together with the Arabtec and Oger Abu Dhabi LLC companies, which achieved a contract for the work in January 2013 exceeding 660 million dollars.

In a journey through the history of art and in a bid to show the artistic influences between different cultures in all ages, the Louvre of the Thousand and One Nights will present more than 300 works of art of its property and the rest given by 13 Great museums of France.

Among the treasures, a statue of the Egyptian King Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC), “Buddha’s Head” (534-550 AD), pages of the “Blue Quran” (880 AD), a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh (1887 AD) or the light source” Al Weiwei “(2016).

The Louvre, built on the island of Sadiyat, in the Cultural District, where the construction of a Guggenheim and a national museum is planned, is for Al Mubarak “much more than a museum, it is a meeting place and global connectivity that will make the world and the next generations something better, “said Mohamed al Mubarak

Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, its structure is inspired by tradition and culture combining the white colour, geometric shapes and narrow streets of the souks, under the shade of an oasis of palm trees, which aims to reproduce the dome of 180 meters and 7,500 tons, under which most of the galleries extend.

“I am a contextual architect and I could not create something where the Arab roots were not present,” Nouvel said. (November 8, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (March 5, 2009):


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no quiso mostrar aspectos de la cultura árabe en el diseño del museo.
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tuvo en cuenta la cultura de la zona cuando realizó este proyecto.
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