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Chiang Rai (Thailand)/The twelve children and their tutor rescued between Sunday and Tuesday from a cave in Thailand after spending more than two weeks trapped there will be reunited with their families, some as soon as today, after the success of the rescue operation that has attracted international attention and has only claimed the life of Samar Gunan, a former volunteer member of the elite groups of Thai Navy.

Rescue teams with divers from various countries have achieved what was believed “impossible” in Thailand: rescue alive the twelve children and the coach who were trapped in a cave in the north of the country the past June 23.

Four of the schoolchildren left the cave on Sunday, July 8, another four on Monday 9 and the rest on Tuesday 10, after the three rescue incursions by almost four narrow kilometres.

Ekapol Chantawong, the coach of the children, who have between 11 and 16 years and play in the youth soccer team “young wild bear”, was the last one to leave the cave at 18.48 local hour.

The impossible was possible

“We made possible the impossible” said Narongsak Ossottanakorn, official spokesman of the mission, to journalists from around the world gathered in the scene of the events, who also celebrated the passage of the helicopter that moved Ekapol to the provincial hospital in Chiang Rai, where he will meet with his players.

“I felt fear when I knew what happened, but now I have a joy I cannot describe” Amporn Srivichai, trainer’s aunt, said with a broad smile.

The whole country has followed minute by minute the development of the rescue with the hope that the group could leave alive the interior of the mountais, as it finally happened.

At a distance of two metres, wearing gloves and special clothes, the parents of the eight of the 13 released will be able to access to the room where their children  are hospitalized in the provincial hospital in Chiang Rai, north of the country.

The remaining five, four children and one adult, who were the last to leave the depths of the cavern on Tuesday, will stay at least one day more in quarantine to avoid the spread of possible diseases.

Two kilograms less weigh

“We must mantain a safety protocol because of the weak immune system of the children”, one of the doctors who evaluates the team said.

Their relatives can see and speak with them through a glass located in the door of the room where they are recovering.

Everyone recovers normally and their lives are not in danger, depite the fact that they have lost on average two kilograms of weigh each one during the days that they remained in the cave, of which nine they were missing and without food.

The doctors said that three of the children register mild pneimonia cases and one of them is treated for a cut in the right leg.

Ophthalmologists are responsible for checking if the children suffer any ocular problems after staying so long in the dark.

The children and the coach are fed on a soft diet of rice and chicken, in addition to the intake of several vitamin supplements.

However, the first four rescued, who left the cave on Sunday, could have more varied foods tonight.

The team, who also receives psychological support, maintains a good state of mind and has to spend at least seven days in the medical center before receiving discharge.

The twelve schoolchildren, between 11 and 16 years old, and the coach, who is 26, went to the Tham Luang cave, located in the norh of Chiang Rai province, during an excursion the past Saturday 23 after completing a soccer training session when a sudden storm flooded the way out.

The mother of one of them gave the alert seeing that his child did not return, but they did not find them until nine days later, hungry and weak, in a cave at four kilometres of the entrance.

The rescue of the cave

To go outside, the kids and the coach, accompanied each of them by two rescuers, had to cross a series of labyrinthine corridors partially flooded and slopes with zero visibility for more than four hours of journey.

The team had to learn to dive in a matter of days, a difficult task if you have into account that many of them did not know how to swim.

Two divers, one in front and one behind, accompanied the rescued in each of the rescue missions.

The difficulty of the operation became evident with the death of a volunteer former member of the elite teams of the Navy staying without air during a dive the past Thrusday.

The deceased, “Samar Gunan is one of the heroes of this operative”, Narongsak Ossottanakorn, spokesman of the rescue teams, recalled.

The representative also pointed out that he hopes the incident will be an example to make everyone aware of the importance of security. (July 11, 2018, EFE/PracticaEspañol.)

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