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Statements by the second vice president of the AN, Alfonso Marquina, on the arrest of Deputy Juan Requesens. The ruling Chavismo in Venezuela gave the green light to the prosecution of two opposition deputies who were identified on Tuesday as alleged perpetrators of the failed attempt against the head of state, Nicolas Maduro.

The National Constituent Assembly (ANC), formed only by pro-government and not recognized by many governments, raised “unanimously absolute” immunity to legislators Julio Borges, former president of Parliament; and Juan Requesens, arrested yesterday by agents of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin).

The Supreme Court said the prosecution of Requesens “after determining that there are sufficient elements of conviction to estimate the commission of crimes of a permanent nature,” it said in a separate statement.

Therefore, ruled that the deputy will remain “in custody by the security forces,” although the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), an opposition majority, said the whereabouts of Requesens is unknown, after he was arrested.

Listen MP3 (August 8, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“And we also denounce the forced disappearance of Deputy Juan Requesens. At this time, neither his family, nor his lawyers, nor the parliamentary colleagues who are here today gathered together know the whereabouts or the state of health or the conditions in which the deputy Juan Requesens is.”


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Question 1
En el MP3, Alfonso Marquina está hablando...  
de un diputado venezolano.
del presidente de Venezuela.
de su carrera política.
Question 2
Marquina dice que...      
no saben el lugar donde está Juan Requesens.
Juan Requesens se ha perdido.
los amigos de Requesens pueden saber el lugar donde se encuentra.
Question 3
Sobre Requesens Marquina dice que...      
tienen información de su estado de salud pero no del lugar donde se encuentra.
tienen información solo sobre su estado de salud. 
no tienen información ni del lugar donde se encuentra ni de su estado de salud.
Question 4
Marquina dice que es una desaparición 'forzosa'...  
porque es voluntaria.
porque no hay datos sobre el desaparecido.
porque no es voluntaria.
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