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All fashion trends for spring summer 2019

Trends “Tour”. Military cargo trousers, summer dresses in the style of the “Little Women” film, handcrafted finishes or the power of the flounced clothing, take center stage this season.



  • “Ugly” sandals or sports shoes are mixed with romantic and ultra-feminine elements such as flowers, feathers or ruffles.
    The long dresses with romantic notes invite you to enjoy the bright and summer days.
  • Raffia, a resistant and flexible fiber, is the top fabric this season.

As the new season, comes the revolution in the closet. It is time to put into practice the advice of Marie Kondo (Tokyo, 1984) and make room in the closet for the latest trends.

The cotton candy pink , the water green , the lavender mauve, the baby yellow, the sky blue , the intense orange or neon green, are some of the most optimistic tones of the season, but above all the coral is imposed, tone of the 2019, which colors garments and accessories with a cheerful mantle.


Cargo pants.

“Ugly” sandals or sports shoes are combined with romantic and ultra-feminine elements such as flowers, feathers or ruffles. Also with bows, present in headdresses, or finishing necklines and backs in a majestic way or giving a sublime touch.

With multiple pockets and a built-in belt, this is the new cargo pants that you do not want to get rid of. Comfortable and military air, this garment is a basic, sand, earthy or green hunting, traveling in the company of shirts and Saharan jackets.

Also cargo skirts are trendy, with patch pocket and with a  below the knee length. Some designers present it open in front, which is fastened with zipper or buttons.

Combined with shirts with bows to the neck, they recall the style of the American actress Meryl Streep in the film “Out of Africa” ​​(1985).

The long dresses with romantic notes invite to enjoy bright and summer days and become the uniform of the season.

Comfortable, versatile flattering, this lightweight piece with a profusion of ruffles, lace or tulle, leads to a nostalgic era that recalls the naïve air models that appeared in the movie “Little Women” (1994).
The house Christian Dior or Rodarte bet on designs of these cool and beach garments, as if they came from the paintings of Joaquín Sorolla.

The artisan details have a greater protagonism in the current design, thanks to primitive hands that work the tradition and the ancestral knowledge from generation to generation, as they can be the delicacy of an Sevillian embroidery or the bobbin lace of Camariñas (La Coruña, Spain).

Trades that remind of affection for work well done and also of calm and slowness. They are artisan hands with exclusive dedication to a limited production, which come to touch the art.

Precisely these trades, among them: the embroidery, the crochet, the braided straw or the leather tanning, are protagonists in the designs of Loewe, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, Stella McCartney or Oscar de la Renta.


The ruffles and the raffia.

But ruffles are the main protagonists this season. they are present in many garments and we see the ruffles, as a final touch, in dresses and skirts, as well as meeting others who meander the body giving volume to the silhouette.

There are also ruffles around the shoulders and chest to give drama and movement to the design, such as those proposed by the creators María Escoté, Marc Jacobs or Celine.

As if it were a cascade and, as a central explosion, we found them in the form of a maxi rose on the chest, even in sports clothes.

Raffia, resistant and flexible fiber, is the star fabric of the season, present in bags, baskets, hats, belts, wedges, espadrilles, berets and shoulder bags.

If the firm Loewe uses this simple material to build baskets extolled with leather trim, Chanel proposes a cap with double visor with lambskin trim and the capelina hat frayed and adorned with black ribbon.


Sport style.

The “sporty” style, on the other hand, prevails in the city. The traditional tracksuit, with closed zip jacket and waist and elastic cuffs, is highly valued. For example, Zimmermann and Gucci propose it to be worn combined with high-heeled shoes and a shoulder bag.

The cyclist tights, a piece that Sharon Stone wore together with a blazer in the  90s decade, is a trend again and, as Fendi proposes, it is combined with a  tool belt and high-heeled sandals.

But the most versatile garment of the season, capable of solving a “look” in less than a minute, is the work overalls. A piece with worker DNA that today is presented in fluid fabrics, with patch pockets and fitted to the waist, as proposed by Celine or Hermès.

Surfer garments, with futuristic designs, are mixed with others with metallic glitter, high waist pants, XXL shoulder pads or white shirts … an unbeatable basic. (April 2019, EFE – Reportajes / PracticaEspañol)

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