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All Spain in orange alert for heat of up to 41 degrees, Basque Country in red

Madrid / Thirteen communities have activated this Thursday the alert for very high temperatures, between 40 and 41 degrees, or for storms, with special incidence in the Basque Country, where there is a red warning for intense heat, reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in its website.

The Basque Country has a red warning (extreme risk) in the interior of the province of Vizcaya where 40 degrees will be reached, and an orange warning (significant risk) in the Rioja Alavesa and in the interior of Guipúzcoa with maximums of 39 degrees; Aemet indicates that in Álava there is a yellow risk of storms.

In Andalusia there is an orange level in Almería, Córdoba, Granada and Jaén with maximums between 40 and 41 degrees in areas close to the Cordovan countryside, the Genil basin, the Guadalquivir, Cazorla, Segura, Morena and Condado areas; in the sevillian countryside and in the northern sierra of Seville the yellow level persists for values ​​between 38 and 39 degrees

Aragon continues with orange warning in Teruel and Zaragoza due to temperatures of 39 and 40 in areas of the Ebro riverbank, the five towns and in Bajo Aragón of Teruel; The risk of storms has also been activated in both provinces, which may be accompanied by very strong gusts of wind.

In Asturias and Cantabria, the orange warning for heat remains between 37 and 30 degrees in southwestern Asturias, and in the center of Cantabria and Liébana respectively; in both communities there is also warning about storms.

The Balearic Islands are in orange with maximum temperatures of 39 degrees; occasionally it can exceed 40 degrees in the south of Mallorca (municipality of Palma, Marratxí, …), in Menorca, the most affected area is the north and west of the island, and in Ibiza, the west.

On the Castilian plateau, Castilla y León, there is only an orange level in the province of Burgos, in areas of Treviño county and in the north, with maximums of up to 40 degrees; in the rest of the provinces there is a yellow warning due to high temperatures and storms.

All the provinces of Castilla-La Mancha continue in orange by records between 37 and 40 degrees at points in the Tagus and Guadiana valleys, in La Mancha in Ciudad Real, in La Mancha in Albacete and in Alcarria; Guadalajara has a yellow level due to storms in the mountains of Guadalajara and in Parameras de Molina.

In Catalonia, only the province of Lleida has orange warning for heat of up to 39 degrees in the Central depression; in the Lleida Pyrenees 37 degrees can be reached on time in the lower areas of the Conca de Tremp.

In Extremadura, Badajoz continues with an orange level in the Extremaduran Siberia for values ​​of 40 degrees, while in Cáceres there is a yellow alert for values ​​of 37-38 degrees in Barros, Serena, Tagus areas, Alagón, Villuercas, Montánchez, Caceres plateau and nearby areas.

The Community of Madrid remains on orange alert for heat -39 and 40 degrees- throughout the metropolitan area, Las Vegas, south, west and El Henares; storms and maximum temperatures of 36 degrees are expected in thresholds below 1,000 meters of altitude.

In the northern half of the peninsula, Navarra and La Rioja maintain the orange warning by highs of 40 degrees in the Ribera del Ebro, Cantabrian slopes, the Pyrenees, and in Iberian Rioja, an area where there is also a storm warning.

In Galicia and the Region of Murcia there is a yellow alert for maximum heat that will rise to 38 degrees.

The Aemet warns that with the red alert the risk is extreme with unusual meteorological phenomena of exceptional intensity and with a very high level of risk for the population, and with the orange alert there is a significant risk in unusual meteorological phenomena and with certain danger to usual activities. (July 30, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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