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All the words you need to understand the recipe for the Spanish “potato omelette”

We think you can cook your own “potato omelette” when you are able to read or listen to any of the recipes available to you on the Internet in Spanish. However, PracticaEspañol makes it easy for you and with it a new vocabulary template which contains all the words you need to understand the recipe and be able to cook a Spanish omelette to your taste: thick, less thick, curd or less curd and with or without onion. Here you have it:

The recipe:

1.- Ingredients:

1kg of potatoes (between 5/6 medium potatoes)

6-8 eggs


olive oil

2.- How to make the Spanish potato omelette:

– The potatoes are peeled, washed and dried with a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

–  Put two glasses full of oil in a frying pan.

– Cut the potatoes into small thin pieces and add salt to taste.

– You put the oil to heat and when it is hot you add the potatoes. Leave them for about two minutes on high heat and then lower the heat so that they are simmered and are soft inside.

– When the potatoes are done, drain them carefully.

– Previously, you will have beaten the eggs, eight for a kilo, more or less.

– You put the potatoes in the beaten egg, rectify with salt if you think the mixture tastes bland, and let them soak for 2 or 3 minutes.

– Carefully remove the oil from the pan because there is usually a lot left.

– Then you put oil back in the pan. About four or five tablespoons will be enough because they are to brown and curdle the omelette.

– Throw the potato mixture with eggs in the frying pan and let it curdle on the fire with an average temperature.

– You will see how the egg is curdling and when you think it is not so liquid it is time to turn the omelette.

– To turn the omelette, we advise you to help yourself with a special plate or lid with a diameter greater than that of the frying pan. They sell special tapas for this, but if you don’t have it, you can use any dish from the kitchen.

– When turning the omelette, you must do it quickly and careful not to burn yourself with the oil.

– If you like very curdled, you leave the omelette in the frying pan longer. And if you like less curd, round and round will suffice.

3.- With or without onion:

If you like with onion, add the amount you want, finely chopped, to the initial chopped potatoes and fry everything together, slowly so that the onion does not burn.

4.- We suggest you accompany the omelette with a lettuce salad to your taste.

It may not come out the first time, you must practice to be an expert as much as with the Spanish language.

5.- Vocabulary


aceite de oliva –   olive oil

bajar el fuego  –    lower the heat  / lower the flame

batir  –  to beat

blandas por dentro  –    soft inside

calentar –  to heat / to warm

cebolla  –   onion

cocina  –   kitchen

cortar  –  to cut

cuajada –  curdled

cuajar  –  to curdle

cuchara sopera  –    tablespoon /  soup spoon

dar la vuelta a la tortilla  –   to turn the omelette

dorar –   to turn golden

escurrir  –  to drainto strain

freír –    to fry

fuego fuerte  –    high heat

fuego lento  –  low heat/ low flame

huevo batido –  beaten egg

huevos –  eggs

lavar  –   to wash

lechuga  –    lettuce

paño de cocina –    kitchen cloth

papel de cocina  –    paper towel /  kitchen paper

patatas –   potatoes

pelar  –    to peel

picada –   chopped

picar  – to chop

plato  –   plate

quemar –  to burn

sal  –  salt

sartén  –   pan /  frying pan

secar  –  to dry

temperatura media –   medium heat

tortilla  –   omelette

vaso –  glass


Pía Valls / PracticaEspañol

Download the recipe in PDF.Alt= Icono descarga de PDF
Download the recipe vocabulary in PDF.Alt= Icono descarga de PDF


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