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Amal Clooney, a brilliant lawyer beyond labels

Sometimes the labels you assign are not the fairest. For the general public Amal Clooney has had more transcendence than Amal Alamuddin. What makes them different is marriage. The name of Clooney, lawyer and activist, has returned to sound following the arrest of the co-founder of Wikileaks, and also as a new employee of the British Government.

She jumped to the covers of the magazines because of her marriage to the actor George Clooney, from whom she took the last name after the link, and soon the spotlights focused on her private life, her maternity and her way of dressing. But Amal Clooney’s career, British but from Lebanese origin, is full of professional success.

Her last professional act was to be chosen as “special envoy for freedom of the press” for the British Government, under the orders of the Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, in order to denounce the attacks and restrictions that information professionals have in some countries.

Amal Alamuddin, lawyer

Clooney, before adopting the surname of her famous husband, took the family name of Lebanese descent. She was born 41 years ago in Beirut and in 1982 his family fled the country because of the war.

They moved to Buckinghamshir, in England, where he grew up and began his interest in the laws. In St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, he graduated in law. She then crossed the pond to specialize in international law at New York University, in the United States.

Few has transpired from the Clooney’s time of student and newly graduated. The lawyer was majoring in international law and human rights and soon she lead causes by which earned a foothold in the most elite circles in the legal profession.

Although she had conquered important achievements in her field, the name Alamuddin began to have more echo when it was related to the actor George Clooney. They met at a dinner in Italy, a country where the interpreter owns a house, in 2013. One year later they were married, also in Italy.

Taking advantage of the situation as a movie star’s wife

Although a priori can be uncomfortable to be recognized only as the wife of a movie star, the lawyer has managed to weather this situation and use it to give more visibility to the causes she defends.

“There is much of my work that happens behind closed doors and that you never get to know. I think that if there is more people who understand what’s happening with the yazidis and the Islamic State, that can have an impact on the presence of more action and the help to the customers. So I think that a good thing is to give an extra publicity required to a case”, said to the BBC about that.

Clooney founded, together with her husband, the Clooney Foundation for Justice in 2016. The purpose of the organization is to get justice for war victims, provide children with educational support and support refugees in their search of a home.

Media causes and influential clients

In 2010, Clooney joined the prestigious law firm Doughty Street Chambers, based in London. This woman’s achievements in defending human rights are more than remarkable.

In her official profile defined it thus: “Amal represents clients facing international courts, including the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights and courts in the United Kingdom and the United States. Aside from working in large courts, Amal advises governments and individuals on legal issues”.

“She is very effective and focused and someone able to work with people. Amal is extremely intelligent, really bright and an outstanding lawyer“, it is writed about her, among other evaluations.

On more than one occasion, Clooney has appealed to her own past to support her ability to understand people, especially with victims and refugees from war.

“My family is from Lebanon and they also fled a war. And we were fortunate to be accepted into an European country”, she said during a conversation with Syrian refugees, according to several British media.


Assange, between Amal’s costumers

Among her most significant media clients was Julian Assange, the co-founder of Wikileaks, who was recently detained in London after being left without the asylum that had been provided by the Ecuadorian Government.

In 2016, Clooney refused to continue on the hacker’s legal team. Various media, both in the United Kingdom and in the USA, pointed to the filtering of the emails from Hillary Clinton during the election campaign of us in 2016 as a cause of the abandonment to the involvement of Wikileaks.

Clooney worked on the causes against Abdallah Al Senussi, Libyan intelligence ex-chief, and Muammar Gaddafi, the ex-dictator of the aforementioned country, for crimes against humanity. She was also part of the team in charge of judging Slobodan Milosevic, ex-president of Serbia, for the genocide in Kosovo.

The lawyer has also been on the other side: she has represented Yulia Timoshenko, Europe ex-Minister of Ukraine, persecuted for political reasons.

Also, Clooney has worked from her position to defend the freedom of the press: she has represented the journalist Khadija Ismayilova, who accused the Azeri regime of political persecution.

He was also the head of the defenses of three journalists detained in Egypt and the two journalists of an international press agency who were sentenced to an imprisonment of seven years in Myanmar for reporting on the crimes committed on the Rohinyás. (April 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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