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Silver Spring (USA) / At daybreak, under a blanket of fine rain, the residents of Silver Spring (Maryland) and were given today appointment in the public library of the center of this town that serves as a dormitory city to the capital of the United States, Washington. All of them with the same purpose: to vote.

“There’s a lot at stake,” says Sophia, a middle-aged school teacher who chose not to give her last name to EFE, “so,” she says, “you have to carefully consider each name.”

This opinion coincides with that of the majority of the analysts and local media that see in these elections, and not only legislative elections in which all the seats of the House of Representatives and one third of those of the Senate are at stake, but all a plebiscite to the presidency of Donald Trump.

Sophia seems to confirm this theory by explaining that, as a democrat she claims to be, she has given her support to the progressive candidate for governor, Ben Jealous, but who has opted for the Republicans facing the Congress.

“We have to let the president carry out his agenda and for that he needs control of the two Chambers,” the teacher said.

Although the White House officially stakes nothing in these elections, the reality is that the possibility that the Democrats regain control of the Chambers puts the president before the abyss of two years of mandate with little room for maneuver and, above all, with an iron grip on his Administration.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that in recent weeks Trump has been involved in the Republican election campaign in a way that was difficult to predict just a year ago, when he accused Congress of being a burden that only served to slow down the Government.

However, the fact that in his two years in office the lack of support in the Chambers – controlled by the Republican Party – has prevented him from taking forward some of his big electoral promises seems to have convinced Trump to have to deal with a Democratic Congress could ruin its entire electoral program.

It’s precisely this program which has apparently led to mobilize some sectors of society that are traditionally less interested in politics, such as young people and immigrants, which is expected unprecedented participation in mid-term elections. mandate.

Although this country does not celebrate the election day on a holiday, which is a great setback for the working classes who barely manage to scratch a little time to exercise their right to vote without missing work, Jennifer Moreno who has not wanted to miss her appointment with the polls.

“I have to go running to work,” says this young girl of Dominican origin, however, finally, she agrees to speak “a couple of minutes” with EFE.

“It’s important to be here. We need to put an end to what is happening in this country”, she says. What is “happening”, she explains, is “a divided country, which does not treat with dignity the migrants who are forced to flee their countries and who threaten to take a step backwards in the rights of women to decide on their body”.

Moreno, who works as a waitress in a nearby cafe, says they are covering each other because “no one wanted to miss it” and regrets that voters are not given more facilities.

In this library the queues are long although, according to one of the judges of electoral operations, with the passage of hours will be dramatically reduced because “people take the opportunity to vote before or after going to work.”

That urgency is evident in the rush of those who have just voted, who, as they reach the door of the building, try to locate a taxi with their mobile phones or walk away in a hurry, under an umbrella that protects them from the rain.

Despite the uncertainty of the result, the rush and the bad weather, most smile when leaving the library; stuck on the chest they carry a sticker with a blunt and bilingual message: “I voted / yo voté”. (November 6, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (November 3, 2018):


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En la noticia se habla...    
del comienzo de una campaña electoral en EE.UU. 
de un sondeo realizado para saber cuál es la intención de voto de los estadounidenses en esos comicios.
de algunos aspectos sobre cómo está siendo el día en el que los estadounidenses votan en las legislativas.
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Trump tendrá dificultades para gobernar si los demócratas se hacen con las Cámaras.
Trump no tendrá ningún tipo de dificultad para gobernar si los demócratas logran hacerse con las Cámaras.
Trump podría dejar de ser presidente de los EE.UU. si los republicanos no ganan estos comicios.
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En el texto se dice que...    
algunos estadounidenses tenían prisa después de votar ya que querían disfrutar de su día libre.
no es frecuente que se celebren comicios en un día laborable en EE.UU.
muchos estadounidenses tienen prisa después de votar ya que tienen que irse a trabajar.
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Según el texto...  
muchos analistas creen que la participación no será muy alta.
los analistas descartan que la mayoría de los jóvenes vayan a votar en estos comicios.
se espera que haya una alta participación en estos comicios.
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En el vídeo se habla...    
de todas las estrellas de Hollywood que decidieron no participar en nada relacionado con la política.
de unas estrellas de Hollywood que han participado en la campaña en las primeras elecciones legistativas de la era Trump.
del hecho de que las estrellas de Hollywood decidieron participar en una campaña electoral por primera vez en la historia de EE.UU.
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nunca toma partido en temas relacionados con la política nacional.
apoya al partido republicano.
apoya al partido demócrata.
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