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Smiles and tears have shared today stage with the finalists in Operación Triunfo (OT) in a final gala with surprises in which, despite everything, the bets have been fulfilled and Amaia Romero, sweet and explosive, has conquered the talent with ” Miedo ” by M-Clan.

Aitana, Miriam, Alfred and Ana Guerra could also have achieve the first place and they have been the moral winners of a program which has given back the illusion for music, but Amaia has finally won with an adjusted 46 percent of the votes and with a prize of 100,000 euros.

With all Spain in suspense making the undisputed “trending topic” of the night the program, Ana Guerra remained in the fifth place after the first round of voting, performing “Volver” by Carlos Gardel, and Alfred with “Do not stop the music” by Jamie Cullum, in an unexpected fourth place, with the live audience of the gala as surprised as the” tweeters “.

Any of the sixteen candidates could have won the contest, both jury and teachers from the Academy have remarked, but there could only be one finalist in a nostalgic edition of this talent in which the level of musical and vocal preparation of the aspirants has been their ‘flagship’.

Although exciting, has not been exempt from technical glitches this final in which David Bisbal, guest artist with Raphael and Pablo Alborán, has not been able to sing as planned before announcing the winner for problems with the microphones. Finally, the former contestant had to intervene at the end of the night, singing a cappella “Mi princesa.”

Therefore, a few minutes has gone ahead the delivery of the envelope of the hand of Rosa López -jury special of the evening- that contained the name of the winner of the contest, with which Mónica Naranjo has surrendered: “As an artist I adore you, but as a person you are so authentic that I love you”, the singer told “Amaia of Spain” or “Amaia of the music”.

“Music comes where words do not come and, today, it has been magical, there are people who perfectly organize sounds and silences, this has been a great example,” Joe Pérez-Orive, regular jury with Naranjo and Manuel Martos, told the winner.

“We’re all winners, it’s not because it looks good, it’s because I really think about it”, said the winner with the naturalness she has shown for three months, and she has conquered the stage with her force singing songs like “Shake It Out”  by Florence and the Machine or “Love On The Brain”  by Rihanna.

But Amaia, representative of Spain in Eurovision together with Alfred, has triumphed tonight as she entered the “gala zero”, defending that first issue with which he was presented to Spain in “OT” three months ago.

He has once again shone on stage with David Bowie’s “Starman”, a song with which she has imposed on Aitana (42% of the votes) and Miriam (12%), who have also returned to the beginning singing “Bang Bang “And” I can not keep you “, respectively.

Qué pasará, qué misterio habrá, puede ser mi gran noche” began singing the contestants in a generational union with Raphael, who, with 57 years of career, has acknowledged that he had “illusion” of taking the stage with the young promises

Between confetti and the euphoria of young people, the presenter, Roberto Leal, said goodbye the edition with a resounding “Que las música os acompañe siempre”, before leaving, also a cappella, the generation of “triunfitos” singing his hymn, “Camina”, the song they have composed with Manu Guix. (February 6, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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todavía no se sabe quién ha ganado el concurso de OT.
Amaia Romero ha sido elegida ganadora de OT.
la final de OT comenzará muy pronto.
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Según el texto…
muy pocas personas pensaban que Amaia ganaría el concurso.
Amaia Romero era la gran favorita para ganar el concurso.
la victoria de Amaia Romero sorprendió a casi todo el mundo.
Question 3
Amaia ganó la final…
a pesar de no haber sido la más votada.
por haber conseguido más de la mitad de los votos.
por haber conseguido más del 40% de los votos.
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La final de OT fue muy comentada en la red social Twitter.
Así es.
En absoluto.
¡Imposible saberlo!
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Según el texto, el jurado dijo…
que todo el mundo ya sabía quién sería el ganador de la final.
que no esperaban que Amaia pudiera ganar la final.
que cualquier finalista pudo haber ganado perfectamente.
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Sobre la final se dice que…
estuvieron presentes antiguos concursantes de OT.
no estuvo presente ningún antiguo concursante de OT.
no estaba previsto que cantasen otras personas que no fuesen los concursantes.
Question 7
Amaia Romero y Alfred fueron elegidos para representar a España en Eurovisión.
Nadie lo sabe.
Es mentira.
Es verdad.
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Se conoce como ‘triunfitos’…
a los concursantes de Operación Triunfo.
a los cantantes que más discos han vendido.
a todos los cantantes que tienen mucho éxito.
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